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Applications and costs of video mapping

In our last article we talked about what video mapping is and what each of its types is - architectural, interior, interactive and projection on small objects.

Today we will look in detail at two questions - where video mapping is used (in what spheres, who uses it, at whom it is used, etc.) and the cost of each of its four types.

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1. The main applications of video mapping
2. The cost of video mapping
3. Conclusion

Main applications of video mapping

Video mapping is used for a variety of purposes and subobjectives in many areas, but there are several main areas to which more than 90% of the video projections created can be summarized.
1. Advertising

Nowadays the competition in almost any market, especially in the field of everything that concerns IT, is very high, sometimes companies operate with billions of dollars of advertising budgets. The battle for customers is fierce, constantly looking for new unusual ways to advertise the brand, so it is not surprising that large corporations (such as Apple, Nokia, Samsung, BMW, etc.) have become the driving force behind video mapping market development in geometric progression, and video mapping studios are growing like by leaps and bounds.

Projection advertising can create a WOW-effect, it can disperse over the Internet in hundreds of videos, which cumulatively reach tens of millions of views.
SAMSUNG 3D TV Presentation in Amsterdam
It is thanks to the video mapping-Internet, corporations reach a huge audience around the world with these ads (for example, interactive flooring). Unlike, for example, TV commercials, which will be seen only by residents of a particular country/city.
2. Entertainment

The use of video mapping for entertainment purposes includes those video projections that are created to entertain a large group of people, sometimes reaching several tens of thousands of people.

Usually this kind of projection is shown at all kinds of festivals and cultural events - Country Day, City Day, film festival, theater festival, a major event in the life of the state (winning the right to host the World Football Championship, the Olympics, etc.).

In this case, video mapping is just one way for the client to entertain the audience, along with the traditional folk festivals, celebrity concerts, etc.
For entertainment purposes, video mapping is often used by large corporations that insert their logo at the end of the projection. In this way, they hope that the pleasant impressions people receive from watching the 3D mapping will unconsciously transfer to the products of the particular brand whose logo was shown at the end (people have an involuntary feeling of gratitude for the pleasant emotions).

As in the case of using video mapping solely for advertising purposes, corporations hope for a WOW-effect and for the video to "leak out" to the Internet.

In such cases, the entertainment purpose of video projection is closely intertwined with the advertising one.
Projection image repeating the movements of people
3. Educational

More and more often video projection is used in museums, schools, colleges, universities and even in kindergartens for educational purposes.

Thanks to video mapping technology, which allows you to make a wall "screen" of any size, you can conduct educational lessons for large audiences of even several hundred people.

Due to its three-dimensional nature, 3D mapping is ideal for demonstrating videos in which a large object is broken down into its component parts, such as dismantling a car or airplane, etc.

Since it is possible to make a projection on the wall or a frame, i.e. no monitor or TV is needed, video mapping is ideal for schools and kindergartens, since there is no danger of causing any damage to children's eyes.
In museums, video projections can be used to present exhibits that, for whatever reason, cannot be on public display.

It is also possible to make even the smallest object very large, so that museum visitors can clearly see what is difficult for the human eye to see.

Besides, 3D mapping is actively used by museums to enliven expositions, to show videos that allow you to move into another era.

Separately, we should note that the interactive floor for kindergarten shows excellent results in preschool education, with the help of which children learn the alphabet, colors, shapes, objects, traffic rules, etc. in the form of games.
Teaching children in the sensory room with projections
Projection interior design for cafes, restaurants, banquet halls
4. Decorative

This type of video mapping can be referred to as "enlivening the walls" in cafes, restaurants, banquet halls and other public facilities. In this case, the owners of the institutions entertain their customers, trying to make their stay more interesting, rich and comfortable.

If the goal is achieved, then customers spend in such a cafe / restaurant more time than in other similar institutions, and therefore the average check will be more.

Also very interesting variant with interactive menu on the walls of the institutions thanks to which customers can be shown the menu not only in a better angle in comparison with the paper version, it is even possible the demonstration of how the dish is prepared.
Video mapping is an excellent answer to the question "How to attract customers to a cafe or restaurant?", and is also actively and successfully used to promote hotels.
5. Thematic

Here we should talk about using video mapping at family, friendly and corporate events, when not a standard video projection is shown, but one specially made for the event. This can be a video with the newlyweds, the jubilee or company employees.

It also includes projections on a wedding dress and a cake, which are made to surprise guests and vary the event.

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Projection on the cake and wedding dress

Cost of video mapping

The final cost of video mapping depends on many factors - the type and size of the room, the complexity of the projection, the need to create a custom projection or the possibility of using a standard projection, the number of projectors used and connection options. Therefore, we will tell you about the average price in the video mapping market, stipulating that at the customer's request, very complex projections can be created, the cost of which will be significantly higher than the average price.

Cost of architectural video mapping

This type of video mapping is the most expensive of the four types, but this is obvious given that the projection is for an entire building rather than a wall or small object.

Depending on the size of the building to create an architectural projection requires from 4 to 16 powerful video projectors with a luminous flux of 15,000-20,000 lumens each. To control the projection used media-server with software for blending and display 3D mapping.

In Russia the development of projection on the building and renting equipment for its display will cost the organizer from 700 thousand to 3 million rubles on average. The cost of all the equipment which will be used by the organizer to display the projection can be up to 50 million rubles.

In the West, the cost of architectural video mapping can reach several million dollars if we are talking about a very complex task, which is implemented by one of the leading mapping studios.

The cost of interior video mapping

In interior video mapping, or, as it is also called, projection design, in general, we should not talk about ordering the creation of an individual projection and show it at an event, but about buying a complete system that allows you to constantly demonstrate 3D mapping in a room.

The final cost of interior video mapping depends on how many walls the projection will be shown, which means how many projectors are needed.

Basically, the interior video mapping uses projectors of budget version with 3000 lumens output which cost from $450 to $700. Also, in addition to the projector, you will need to purchase a standard laptop costing around $400 and video mapping software, such as POGUMAX Designer software from $679.

POGUMAX Designer

Software for creating projections
A handy software for creating:
  • projection shows
  • video mapping
  • projection design
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10 years
Animation resolution
Number of animations
Software updates
On-demand online consultation
Animation resolution
Number of animations
Software updates
On-demand online consultation
1 year
Animation resolution
Number of animations
Software updates
On-demand online consultation
Prices are for licenses when used with one projector (usually for projection widths of 4-5 meters in a darkened room)
In total, the creation of a permanent projection on one wall with a width of 4 to 6 meters in a darkened room will cost the customer an average of $700 to $1400, depending on the selected projection kit.

If you need to create a projection on more than one wall, you will need additional projectors and a laptop, while the software POGUMAX Designer will not have to buy a second time. Accordingly, the creation of a video projection on the second and subsequent walls will cost the customer from $770 to $1200.

It should be noted that recently businessmen have been increasingly using video mapping to promote their cafes and restaurants.
Universities, kindergartens and schools use this technology for educational purposes.

Cost of projection on small objects

Projection on small objects (e.g., a wedding dress, a cake, a spinning wheel at a standing car, etc.) costs about the same amount as creating 3D mapping on one wall in a room.

In the range of $450 to $700 you will need a projector, $400 to pay for a standard laptop and another $679 thousand for the software. That adds up to about $90,000 to $110,000 for a complete system capable of creating projections on small objects.

The cost of interactive video mapping

Interactive projection is the second most complex video projection after architectural projection.

When creating this type of projection, more sophisticated software is used compared to interior video mapping and video projections on small objects. Also requires a camera - normal or infrared, such as kinect.

The cost of interactive video mapping, including the interactive floor, will cost about $ 2100-3500 for one projector.


Video mapping has a wide range of uses - it is used by the world's largest holdings, such as Apple and BMW, as well as by ordinary people who want to decorate their weddings by making 3D projections on the wedding dress and cake.

Video projection has a great future, in 5-10 years it may well become a common thing in most homes around the world.

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