Video Mapping
These great initiatives use projection mapping to create immersive reports or magical new worlds.

What is video mapping?

Video mapping is an interactive projection mapping that makes use of time to challenge imagery on a floor. Video mapping is converting advertising, wherein and the way shows are being made. This contemporary-day audio-visible art fashion makes use of a digital program that spatially maps a 3D item or 2D floor, to convert the outdoors or indoor floor. Video footage, while mapped on the floor, can transform ordinary objects into beautiful presentations.

How does video mapping work?

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Pricing of the video mapping software

License forever
will not stop working after a certain time
Technical support
A handy program for creating:
- projection shows
- video mapping
- projection design
Create video projections in the interior in just 15 minutes. User-friendly, no special technical skills required.
Embedding video, text, images, animations
Setting up projection areas and creating video mapping installations
From 500 to 1230 animations
of different topics
Animation library
Access to a million animations
In each package:
Maximum animation resolution
Number of animations
HD (1280x720)
Video tutorials
Maximum animation resolution
Number of animations
HD (1280x720)
1 year
Video tutorials
Maximum animation resolution
Number of animations
FullHD (1920x1080)
10 years
Video tutorials
Maximum animation resolution
Number of animations
FullHD (1920x1080)
Video tutorials
A projector and laptop/computer will be required for use. Take a look at our ready-made kits below.
Prices are for licenses with a single projector use (typically for a projection width of 4-5 meters in a darkened room).
If you want to create immersive rooms with projections on several walls, you need 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 projectors - take a look at our ready-made kits that include POGUMAX Designer software, projectors and computers.
1230 (including a library of large-format animations)
Online training
Preparation assistance
(animation selection and scene setting)
Architectural Video Mapping is wherein projections are located on homes, bridges, or every other form of structure.
Interior Projection Mapping is the indoor 3D mapping of the partitions of the venue. This will be in panoramic shape too.



Types of video mapping

Interactive 3D projection mapping is likewise a notable device to include in inventive performances, which include dancing, wherein the artists are capable of interacting with the 3-D photographs and animations.
The projection created with four or greater video projectors is superimposed on the curved aircraft of the sphere—at the dome, in different words.



Full Immersion

At some points during events, video mapping may be applied. Your visitors can experience a virtually immersive and actual occasion.
The content material that is projected onto the 3-dimensional item may be altered in line with the wishes of the projection backdrop.


Video mapping removes the need to have any bodily units or props, which take plenty of time to build, transport, install, and dismantle.


Benefits of video mapping

3d Images

Video mapping can challenge 3D photographs as opposed to 2D images, which may assist the creators in beautifying a floor instead of simply distorting it. This makes the experience a noticeably resourceful and immersive one.

Video Mapping FAQs:
What do you need to know?

What is video mapping?
Video mapping makes use of projectors to create great visible presentations on a static floor. This manipulation of mild turns those normal gadgets (e.g. tables, homes, etc.) into interactive, 3D presentations.
What does video mapping look like?
Video mapping creates one of the most beautiful visible presentations you'll ever see, with beautiful projections and creative 3D imagery. But speaking approximately video mapping doesn't do it justice!
What surface will you use for projection mapping?
The best projection surface for projection mapping is one that is lighter in coloration to permit the content material to shine brightly while projected. Projecting on darkish brick or a dark floor isn't always recommended as it will significantly affect the brightness of your content. In certain applications wherein projection on glass is required, a unique movie may be played on the windows.
Is table mapping different from video mapping?
Not really. The era is the same. Table mapping is sincerely a shape of video mapping that initiatives onto tables (the clue is withinside the name!). This makes video mapping the best for growing beautiful gastronomic reports. Video mapping is likewise known as projection mapping, spatial augmented reality, and 3D mapping.
How expensive is it to incorporate video mapping technology into corporate events?
Not so long ago, video mapping became the simplest and lowest cost option for the world's largest brands. For example, Disney is a large fan of 3D projection mapping! Nowadays, his great era is now an awful lot more accessible. Of course, desk mapping nonetheless isn't a reasonably-priced option. It's a long way too beautiful for that. But it's tough to conquer for a fee in terms of reaching the wow factor.

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