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Interactive Equipment in Educational Settings: Top 5 Solutions for Schools, Kindergartens, and Learning Centers

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May 3rd, 2024
Exploring how to captivate a child's interest in education, how interactive technologies transform the educational process, and which projection equipment is best suited for early childhood education.

From a young age, today's children are holding smartphones, making it hard to imagine their learning or leisure time without a tech-friendly aid. The debate on whether this reliance on technology is beneficial remains open. However, it's clear that educational approaches need to evolve to meet the demands of this new generation to stay effective.

Today, we aim to dispel the myth that children don't want to or enjoy learning, and prove that every child can be involved if the right approach is found.

How can we engage children in learning?

Children's brains are naturally wired to explore and absorb information. They easily master new gadgets and viral TikTok dances, which raises the question: why do many educators report a lack of interest and motivation among students? The issue often lies not in the content itself, but in its delivery, which fails to align with the preferences of today's tech-savvy youth.

To communicate effectively with children, we must speak their language. We've selected five types of interactive equipment that easily integrate into the educational process and help establish communication.

1. Interactive Floor

Topping our list is the interactive floor, a dynamic and adaptable video projection that responds to human interaction. Its compact, mobile design allows it to fit almost anywhere.

This tool transforms learning into an active, engaging process. It's used for teaching and physical activities in schools, kindergartens, developmental centers, and special education settings.

With over 1,500 games covering everything from basic numbers and letters to animal recognition and traffic safety, the interactive floor caters to various learning needs. Younger children will enjoy the vibrant animations, while older students can tackle puzzles and participate in physical activities. Teachers benefit from guides that make lesson planning simpler.

2. Interactive Throw Wall

Similar to the interactive floor, the throw wall projects images on a vertical surface and offers similar benefits. It enhances physical development, coordination, and memory, while also fostering teamwork and social skills. Suitable for children aged 2 to 16, it's used in a variety of educational and recreational facilities.

The system includes 35 games on topics ranging from personal hygiene to space exploration. Different modes allow games to be adapted for each child, including those with special needs. The wall acts as an entertainer, engaging children and giving educators time to monitor physical exercises or answer accuracy.

3. Interactive Sandbox

The most unusual option for interactive equipment is the sandbox, a special construction for conducting sand therapy. It's particularly popular in inclusive and rehabilitative education settings but is also effective in regular environments like schools and public children's spaces.

Children learn through tactile interaction, developing fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and social abilities. Sand therapy is beneficial for children with social and speech delays.

4. Projection Sets

For those hesitant to invest in interactive equipment, our projection kits are an excellent alternative. We offer not just projectors but ready-made projection sets, including a computer, projector, and our POGUMAX Designer software. With it, you can conduct engaging sessions with projection walls, organize events, create multimedia installations, or decorate spaces.

You can create and project any content in the program in 15 minutes without any technical knowledge. The built-in library of animations (over 1400 pieces) on various topics from the underwater world to space allows you to select the necessary visual accompaniment for a lesson or event with just a few clicks. If the ready-made sets are not enough, you can add your own photos and videos.

5. Equipment for Immersive Sensory Rooms

Last but not least, our immersive sensory rooms offer a comprehensive solution for sensory development, designed to help children better integrate into social environments and reduce anxiety. These rooms require a range of equipment, from projectors to interactive panels and sensory toys, all of which we supply in ready-to-use kits.
These rooms allow for the creation of fully immersive environments where children can relax or engage in stimulating activities, supported by a variety of tools and educational resources provided by POGUMAX.

Each of our products is backed by thorough methodological support, helping educators integrate these technologies into their existing curriculums.

Interested in learning more about our interactive educational tools? Leave your request, and we’ll provide all the details you need to make an informed decision.
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