Teach in an interactive, easy and fun way!

Interactive Floor Mapping
for children's learning and development

• Contains games on arithmetic, traffic rules, music, logic, the environment and more.
• Suitable for use in kindergartens, educational centers, schools, health camps.
Simplifies the process of preparing the teacher for the class.
Suitable for children with disabilities.
WOW effect for children and adults.

Floor mapping

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What is the floor mapping?

AR technology - impressive and easy!
Interactive floor is a floor-mounted video projection that responds to human touch and interacts with it, changing the image.
A projector is suspended from the ceiling and shines on the floor. A motion sensor is installed next to the projector, and an interactive module is installed on the floor.

The child enters the projection area, the camera reads his movements, and the interactive module uses a laser grid to track the coordinates of the press.

As a result, the image reacts to touch and changes.

It's called AR - augmented reality.

Interactive floor mapping features

Learning and development through play and movement
Give children the opportunity to move and interact with their peers instead of sitting in class, and knowledge will be learned through play.

Each class will be a competition, an adventure, a holiday, or even a prank, which will turn into positive emotions and positive grades.
By interacting with the floor, children not only gain new knowledge, but also develop comprehensively.

They learn to make their own decisions, think fast, and act as part of a team.

They develop memory, attention, logical thinking and coordination.
Learning material will be easy for any child. Teething, fear of difficulties and negative attitudes to lessons will be a thing of the past.

Integrate progressive methods of working with children.

Make learning fun, interesting and lively.
And also:
Simplification of the preparation process
It is a tool that simplifies the process of preparing for lessons and optimizes their implementation.

The tutor or teacher no longer needs to search for demonstration materials on the topic being studied or design cards with tasks.

The lesson saves a lot of time and makes it possible to get more out of it.
Raising the status of the institution
The use of modern teaching tools is an increase in professionalism, the opportunity to win competitions through the use of new teaching methods.

All this builds the reputation of the educational institution and raises its status in the eyes of management and parents of students.
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What's inside?

interactive floor is a full-fledged and multifunctional tool that does its job perfectly, allowing to achieve impressive results in the development of children and making the work of the teacher easier.
Interactive floor
For children from 2 to 10 years old
The interactive floor is a combination of educational methods and scientific approaches to teaching, developing, and educating children. In the form of a game children develop creative thinking and logic, learn to construct and model, train imagination and fantasy, increase the level of visual attention, as well as form elementary mathematical concepts.

The world the child is immersed in is created with the help of a computer, projector and Kinect sensor.

The reality perceived by the child is an interactive surface that responds to pressure using real objects and toys used by teachers in the course of the lesson.
The Unity game engine allowed developers to create classes with stunning 3D graphics
6 game island locations 126 lessons with three levels of difficulty and a ready-to-use methodology
A mobile set is available to move the floor to any room
Developed by experts in pedagogy and psychology
Full methodological and technical support 24/7
Interactive floor is
A helper for the teacher and a friend for the child
Not hard
User-friendly menus
Include instructions
No technical skills required
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Can be projected on the wall
Portable version
Different usage scenarios
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Positive impact on health
The child's all-round development
Suitable for children with disabilities
Saves the teacher's time
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Won't strain eyes
Won't break
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Not hard
The equipment is designed by educators for educators.

The interface is intuitive and easy to operate. You don't need to be computer savvy to successfully conduct lessons with the interactive floor.

Don't know how to approach organizing lessons with the interactive floor? You get a sample class guide for each lesson.

In addition to its direct purpose, the interactive floor can be used in many different ways.

The image can be projected on the wall and include a film or presentation.
Hold a meeting with teachers, organize a children's matinee or hold a sporting event.

We also provide different flooring options to help you find what you need. It's easy to choose for any budget and to suit your needs.

For example:
the portable version, thanks to the wheels, can be moved to any room and used outside the walls of your institution.
The interactive floor is a development aimed primarily at learning and all-round development of the child.

Games are aimed at the development of tactile sensitivity and coordination of movements. Children develop motor skills, as well as visual attention and memory.

The interactive floor is suitable for work with preschoolers and elementary school students, as well as children with disabilities, allowing to work with concentration of attention and memory, mental, speech and motor delays.

Methodological materials include lesson plans, which significantly saves the teacher's time.
The image from the projector creates diffuse light, which is safe for the eyes.

An interactive floor is really hard to break. A projection is not a book that can tear. The software is durable and the design is sturdy and out of reach of a child.
Interactive floor
Special floor covering 12 m²
Wireless keyboard for control
Floor geometric figures 48 pcs.
Wonderwood, Logiculum, Lookingglass, Creativia, Cloudy, Amazonica
Kinect motion sensor
6 game islands of 20 different activities
Projection size up to 4x3m
Sensomotor games and modern technology that turn the floor into a surface sensitive to touch. Through play, children develop their creativity and logical thinking, learn to construct and model, and train their imagination. They improve their visual attention as well as acquiring elementary mathematical concepts
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