Interactive Floor Mapping
Interactive floors allow audience members to interact with images projected on them.

What is the floor mapping?

A floor mapping is a unique trend in modern audiovisual art that involves a 3D projection onto a floor, taking into account the structure and position of said floor.

As a relatively new technology, floor projection is still a relatively new experience for most guests (as well as event producers!).

It is a common practice to incorporate interactive floor projections into exhibitions to create engaging exhibitions. As a result, a floor is transformed into an interactive surface. Visitor interaction with your projection can take the form of a game, a display or an advertisement, depending on your content.

How does floor mapping work?

Take a look at what Pogumax's floor mapping service has to offer! With technological advancements and audiovisual innovations, it is possible to improve conventional proposals and provide services that are of greater quality.

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Floor mapping experience

In addition to displaying graphics on floors, counters, walls, and other surfaces, the Pogumax interactive system allows the public to interact with them. Your audience can be fully engaged by interactive floor and wall projections. It is possible to configure multiple effects for brand reveals, competitions, and games. It is perfectly acceptable for the projection to be displayed on walls or floors. A variety of media combinations can be achieved by layering animated images over video.

Pricing for Interactive Floor Mapping


$9 789
Sensomotor games and modern technology thus turning the floor into a touch-sensitive surface. Through play children develop their creativity and logic thinking, learn to construct and model, train their imagination. They improve their visual attention span as well as obtain elementary mathematical concepts.
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Modern audiovisual art forms such as floor mapping involve projecting 3D images onto a floor while taking into account its structure and location.
Your guests can enjoy an immersive and authentic event experience when floor mapping is utilized live during events.


Full Immersion

Benefits of floor mapping

In an environment that comes alive, there is less of a distance between the audience and what they're viewing. As a result, they become immersed in your brand experience.
The creators can enhance a surface rather than just distort it with floor mapping by projecting 3D images instead of 2D ones. In this way, the experience becomes highly imaginative and immersive.


3d Images

Floor Mapping FAQs:
What do you need to know?

What is the best location for the projection?
It is recommended that the projector be installed in a dark location. Any material of a light tone should be used as the projector beam's direction.
What is the floor mapping?
Interactive floor mapping is an exciting audiovisual art that uses 3D technology to project visuals on the floor.
Is it possible to see the floor projection before it is installed?
Yes, of course. Before we set foot on site for installation, we can demo and refine your projection mapping content using our advanced pre-visualisation systems.

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