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Innovative Teaching Methods: All About Interactive Floors

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May 3rd, 2024
Interactive floor is one of the most popular options for projection equipment in education. What is this, why use it, and how can you get one with maximum profit?

What is an Interactive Floor?

An interactive floor is a dynamic floor projection that activates through user interaction. The setup includes a projector, a set of motion sensors, a computer, and flooring material (in a mobile configuration).

How Does an Interactive Floor Work?

The projector is installed on the ceiling, with a motion sensor nearby and a special flooring applied to the floor. This results in an interactive projection that responds to human actions.

The equipment comes with software and a set of games to foster all-around development. Interactive floors can facilitate learning during class and provide energetic play during breaks.

Benefits of Interactive Floors in Education

  • Engaging Gameplay for Learning
Games involving numbers, letters, and environmental awareness make learning new information easier and help develop logical thinking.

  • Enhanced Coordination and Motor Skills
With a decrease in physical activity among modern children, interactive floor games offer a fun way to increase physical engagement.

  • Teamwork Skills Development
Games require communication and collaboration, helping students work towards a common goal and build trust among peers.

  • Increased Motivation and Engagement
Learning turns into a real quest. Mastering the multiplication table is more appealing when it includes the chance to earn points and outscore the classmates.

  • Stimulation of Imagination
Vibrant animations bring lessons to life, sparking creativity and interest.

Where is the Interactive Floor Used?

The possibilities are limitless. More than 1500 games on various topics make it suitable for use in entertainment and education in kindergartens, schools, libraries, developmental and rehabilitation centers, restaurants, hotels, and even for private lessons. The range of new tasks is constantly expanding to keep children engaged.

Interactive Floor for Kindergarten

Suitable for children from 3 years old, active games prevent hypodynamia and contribute to the proper development of the musculoskeletal system.

Activities with interactive equipment are easily integrated into the curriculum and educational planning. While children are captivated by colorful animations, educators can easily maintain discipline and find extra time for lesson preparation or rest.

Interactive Floor in Schools

Using projection complexes is a progressive approach to engaging with children, benefiting both educators and students alike. ith interactive floors, the days of dull lessons and rote memorization are gone, replaced by a genuinely engaging learning experience.

Interactive floors can be utilized for organizing children’s gatherings, sports events, and thematic quizzes. Teachers no longer need to spend time and energy on lesson preparation, searching for demonstration materials, and designing presentations for each lesson. The package comes equipped with a set of educational applications and methodological guidelines.

Using innovative methods not only enhances the reputation of the institution but also aids in securing additional funding from municipal and federal budgets. The facility can achieve an inclusive status, offering equal learning opportunities to every child.

Interactive Floor Capabilities for Special Needs Correction

Thanks to its versatility and adaptability, the floor can be used for corrective work with children with disabilities. With bright animations, children begin to better understand the world around them and find it easier to interact with educators.

Vision, hearing, speech, musculoskeletal disorders, and autism spectrum disorders — modern interactive equipment has special modes suitable for every child.

Interactive Floor in Commercial Venues

Interactive equipment serves as entertainment leisure in hotels, restaurants, shopping centers. The modern generation, growing up in the IT era, is familiar with various technologies from a young age. It's no surprise that multimedia entertainment elicits a storm of positive emotions. While parents are busy, they can safely leave their child in a playroom with interactive equipment, ensuring they won't get bored.

Interactive Floors from POGUMAX

We offer three configurations of interactive floors for different budgets and usage scenarios, including a mobile version for easy relocation.

No technical skills or additional equipment is required for operation. We've assembled everything needed in one kit. 185 game sections and 1665 tasks of varying difficulty levels + a collection of methodological recommendations.

You can organize both individual and group sessions. The floor supports up to 10 simultaneous touches. We've made complex technology simple — control of the program is just a few clicks away.

Interested in purchasing interactive equipment? Leave your request, and our managers will consult you on all your questions.
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