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Innovative Teaching Methods: The Interactive Throw Wall

Reading Time ~9 minutes
April 16th, 2024
Still think that physical and intellectual development can't happen simultaneously? We're here to change your mind! Modern equipment merges physical exercise and academic study into a captivating unified process.

How? Let's delve into that!

What is a Throw Wall?

A throw wall combines sensory technology, projection equipment, and the latest tech innovations.

Using specialized software, a regular wall transforms into a versatile tool for entertainment, physical activity, or educational engagement. Benefits include:

  • prevention of hypodynamia;
  • development of physical abilities, reaction, and endurance;
  • increase in motor activity levels;
  • improvement of memory and attention;
  • strengthening of social interaction skills and teamwork;
  • enhanced motivation for sports.

The throw wall is perfect for learning through active games, conducting physical education classes, and organizing sports events.

How does Throw wall work?

The interactive setup consists of a hanging structure with a 3D sensor, built-in computer, projector, operating software, user manual, and a collection of educational games.

Any bright, flat wall in a shaded room will serve. The projector displays images while special sensors detect the children’s movements, like touching the images or throwing balls, making the wall interactive.

Where is the throw wall used?

Interactive technologies are widely used in various educational and entertainment settings. Purchasing this equipment provides a versatile tool for facilitating lessons, sports events, and special education activities for children aged 2 to 16 — and even adults can join in the fun!

Throw wall for kindergartens

It fosters a love for physical activity early on. Children throw balls and interact with fairy-tale characters, gaining initial competition and teamwork skills.

The included software is tailored for easy integration into daily routines. With this smart assistant, educators can enjoy more free time, while children stay engaged. The interactive wall also helps prevent developmental delays and socialization challenges.

Throw wall in schools

In a traditional classroom setting where students spend much time seated, increasing physical activity is essential for balanced development.

Physical education lessons become engaging games that encourage healthy competition and team spirit. Teachers no longer need to spend time establishing discipline. The technological novelty keeps students focused, making classroom management easier.

With its adaptable usage modes, the throw wall is suitable for both elementary and secondary education, including special needs education. This single equipment solution can address numerous challenges.

Interactive equipment in sports facilities

Easily integrated into different sports activities, it offers additional opportunities for launching new sports sections or clubs, gaining the status of an inclusive sports complex with extra funding. Being a novel technology, it provides a competitive edge.

Throw wall in rehabilitation and developmental centers

The throw wall has proven its effectiveness in positively impacting cognitive functions. It encourages logical thinking and memory through problem-solving games.

Active games not only contribute to physical development but also greatly aid in rehabilitation work and correcting movement and coordination disorders. Unconventional leisure activities have a positive effect on emotional mood and atmosphere.

Benefits of using the throw wall

Engagement and Attention Retention

Engaging and captivating children in lessons is effortless. The wall acts as an animator, while the teacher monitors the correct execution of exercises or responses from students.

Inclusive Education

Difficulty levels can be adjusted to suit any age and physical capabilities, ensuring that all children, regardless of individual characteristics, can participate in the general educational process.

Event Organization

Projection equipment and built-in audio systems open up numerous possibilities for hosting sports and entertainment events. Quizzes, interactive games, themed evenings — you'll no longer need to spend time and budgets on preparation. A single investment in equipment pays off with its constant use in various forms.

Enhancing Institutional Reputation

Implementing modern technologies boosts an institution's rating and distinguishes it among competitors. Parents will prefer to send their children to a school or development center that practices innovative teaching methods. Material support from the government for such institutions will also be higher.

Teacher Motivation

Lessons with interactive innovations are not only more interesting for children but for teachers themselves. They add variety to the routine and enhance motivation to work. Additionally, using these technologies increases teachers' qualifications, as they structure the educational process with them.
Thus, if you are involved in children's learning and development and are facing the challenges described above, consider implementing an interactive wall into your workflow. And see the difference.
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