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How to Attract Customers to Your Hotel, Motel, or Hostel: Top Strategies for 2024

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February 29th, 2024
The past few years have been tough for the hospitality industry: COVID and an unstable geopolitical situation have completely changed the game, pushing even famous hotels into the past, not to mention small hostels that lack the resources for modernization and process restructuring. However, every crisis is both a disaster and a source of opportunities for those who can and cannot catch the wave. In this article, we will discuss the current state of the hotel services market in 2024 and how to capitalize on it.

Make Tourism Great Again

After the lifting of quarantine restrictions, people actively make up for missed experiences. In 2024, this trend is expected to continue, meaning that hotel owners must be prepared to meet the growing demand for their services.

A hotel today is not just a place to stay overnight but an individualized experience. It should be comfortable, stylish, innovative, and tailored to the needs of the most demanding tourists. Only in this way can you secure that coveted checkmark next to the booked button.
Basic amenities are no longer enough. A hotel is now part of the customer's adventure.
Competition in the industry is enormous. How do you make people choose you?

The best hotels, what are they?

Service quality

The unwavering classic of a good hotel is standardization and quality control of services. Maintaining high standards requires regular training of staff, covering not only professional skills but also so-called soft skills – the ability to communicate with guests.

Make hospitality and friendliness your tone of voice and ensure strict adherence to this rule. All staff should serve guests with a smile, help solve any problems, provide information about the hotel, additional services, and local attractions.

Cleanliness above all

What word in a Booking review makes a tourist immediately close the hotel's page and forget about it like a bad dream? Dirty. Just one mention of this word in a recent review is enough to significantly reduce the number of potential guests. Cleanliness in rooms and public spaces is what catches the eye upon check-in and must not be neglected. Establish uniform cleaning standards and meticulously ensure their compliance.

A room is considered clean if, looking at it, one gets the impression that you are the first person to stay there. Aim for this level of care for the condition of your rooms.

Work equipment and furniture

Check and fix any malfunctions before guests check in to spare your staff from disputes about a broken air conditioner or TV. Both your team and guests will thank you for the time and nerves saved.

To promptly address emerging issues, hire a versatile handyman who will rush to repair a broken cabinet door, a burnt-out light bulb, or a leaking faucet at the first call.

Gifts upon check-in/check-out

Fruits, champagne, and hotel-branded products. It's especially beneficial to delight newlyweds or individuals celebrating memorable events at your hotel. A small investment in pleasant emotions will positively impact reviews and return rates.

All-inclusive – expanding the range of services

Offer a variety of services, from assistance with theater ticket purchases to a first-class spa center. Diverse services attract different categories of visitors.

Several cafes with different cuisines, a cozy movie theater (one projector, a white wall, and a row of chairs are enough), a personal home library, a spa salon, a shop, a hair salon... The list of possible options is endless. Choose what fits your hotel's concept and is available in terms of space and financial resources.

The key is to offer diverse services and entertainment options without customers leaving your establishment, ensuring that their money stays within the ecosystem of your projects.

Modern Interior

If you haven't taken a photo on the balcony in a bathrobe, consider your vacation incomplete. Such are the laws of life in the era of social media. Create spaces that naturally invite sharing with followers and friends. In addition to the delight of guests, you'll also gain free advertising for your hotel in the media space.

In the era of fierce competition, it's challenging to surprise guests with a unique interior. But everything is possible! Enter the projection design, for example.

How does it work? Install a projector in the room and create a projection on one of the walls or the ceiling. Your guests can change the design of their room themselves, each time transforming their temporary home.
As a result, instead of four dull walls, people will live in a vast forest with its mysterious inhabitants, lie on a sunny meadow, or fly through space. Imagine falling asleep at night while gazing at the starry sky – a truly pleasant experience.
Will the stay in such a room be memorable? Would one want to return to experience other magical places? Will people recommend such a room on the Internet, on review websites, and on social media? The answer is evident.

And by the way, no renovation costs!
Projection technologies will also be an excellent addition to the design of your restaurant and café. You can organize light shows on the walls, tables, ceiling, and even the cake!

Original visual solutions attract visitors, increase the average check, and cause a stir in the media. Uniqueness is the main competitive advantage of a brand, which should not be squandered in such a tough market.

Implementation of Cross-Sales Systems

The cross-sales strategy is not just about increasing the average check but also about more fully satisfying the customer's needs. Whether it's recommending wine perfectly paired with dinner or offering entertainment rooms for families with children, provide recommendations based on customer preferences. Cross-sales should be perceived not as an attempt to impose additional expenses but as a sincere desire to make their stay more enjoyable.

Smart Hotels

The main trend in 2024 is smart hotels. In tech-savvy hotels, the program not only controls lighting and temperature but also gives guests complete control over the room through a mobile app.

If a full transition to a smart hotel system is not possible, try implementing at least some technical additions. Chatbots for issue resolution without human involvement, smart speakers, or projectors in rooms for playing favorite music and controlling the interior.

Gaming Consoles, Laptops, VR Headsets

Plan a system of affordable equipment rental or free use for work and leisure. While laptops and gaming consoles might not surprise your guests much, believe that VR/AR headsets will make a sensation. With VR/AR technologies, you can organize virtual tours of the hotel or the entire city for guests. Few tourists will remain indifferent to such an attraction.

Loyalty Programs for Corporate and Regular Clients

Loyalty programs strengthen your relationships with regular clients and make occasional visitors want to join the list. Discounts, bonuses, exclusive offers – show special appreciation for choosing your brand.

To create an effective loyalty program, carefully analyze the preferences and requirements of your target audience. From bonus cards to individual conditions for each VIP client. The point for your program is to be easy to understand and genuinely valuable for the customer.

Organizing Children's Entertainment

Everyone wants to relax while on vacation, including parents. From sensory rooms and spaces with interactive technology where children learn and explore through play, to animation programs and creative workshops – captivating children will be effortless, and parents will surely remember where they can truly relax.
Try implementing at least some of our today's tips and see how the number of bookings and ratings on travel aggregators change. If you decide to make projection design the highlight of your hotel, we at POGUMAX supply ready-made sets of projection equipment and software for creating projections in any interior.

Quality service is undoubtedly essential, but it's equally important to effectively communicate it to the potential audience. We'll discuss the most effective advertising strategies in the hotel business in the next article in this series.
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