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Hotel Marketing: 15 Best Promotion Strategies for Your Hotel

Reading Time ~7 minutes
March 12th, 2024
How the hotel business works in 2024
We continue our series on the hotel business. Previously we discussed what a hotel needs to be in 2024 to maintain a leading position in a highly competitive market. However, excellent service is only half the battle. No matter how innovative and functional the place is, if you don't effectively communicate this to the right people, rooms will remain empty, awaiting guests.

So, how can you turn average internet users into your guests?
Guide to advertising hotels through direct bookings

Hotel Advertising Features

The primary goal of all promotional activities is direct bookings. While not the sole focus, they play a crucial role in increasing a facility's profit. Hotels receive most of their bookings from tour operators and OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) like Booking, Expedia, Lastminute, ebookers, Opodo, etc.

Start by defining your sales goals and strategy. Ads and promotions work well for attracting new guests for short stays. Loyalty programs, on the other hand, help build a sustainable community of repeat visitors. Both tactics increase profits but serve different purposes: maximizing room occupancy in the first case and enhancing average spend and brand recognition in the second.

The AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) sales funnel is often used in the hotel business. Pay attention to each of these four aspects when interacting with potential clients.
How the AIDA sales funnel works in the hotel business

Who are the clients?

Before moving on to marketing strategies, understand who you're talking to. The hotel industry typically identifies three main target audience segments:

  • Tourists and independent travelers
  • Business people and those on business trips
  • Organized groups (sports teams, forum participants, theater troupes)

Your advertising can target the general interests and requests of all segments or focus on one specifically. Both approaches are viable; the choice is yours, based on your goals.
Website for booking rooms

Effective Hotel Advertising Methods

User-Friendly Website

A commission-free website is the most profitable sales channel and the first step towards successfully attracting clients. It must be mobile-friendly, with clear navigation and a straightforward booking interface. Visitors should immediately find all necessary information about your services, prices, and special offers. Invest in UX/UI design and loading speed. Conduct A/B testing, monitor visit, bounce, and conversion rates, and identify the best visuals and phrases.

Collaborations with Partners and Colleagues

Don’t hesitate to collaborate with your niche neighbors. Special offers at a nearby restaurant for your guests or discounts on guided tours can make staying at your establishment more appealing, thus increasing the likelihood of securing a client. Organize joint activities, share audiences, and multiply overall revenue!

Coupon Website Partnerships

This promotion method isn’t for everyone. It can help newly opened hotels find their customers and improve occupancy during off-peak seasons but should be used sparingly. Consider your target audience's specifics and weigh the risks.
Prices and special conditions - an excellent way to deal with seasonal demand fluctuations

Seasonal Promotions

Discounted prices and special conditions are an excellent way to address seasonal dips, a classic in emotional sales worth employing.

Metasearch Engines

These platforms compare services and prices from different websites. The “Competitors' Offers” sections you see when searching for the best deal can become an additional booking channel for a fee.

Social Media and Content Marketing

Users look for photos and tags of hotels on social media, making promotion through geolocations and hashtags highly effective.

To stand out among thousands of other hotel accounts, come up with a unique feature and original content presentation. Visuals, especially stylish interiors in the case of hotels, primarily hook users. For example, projection-designed rooms can be a distinctive competitive advantage that always attracts media attention.
Projection room design as a competitive advantage of the interior

Travel Blogger Advertising

Event marketing, particularly advertising with travel bloggers, deserves a special mention. Opt for small to medium-sized blogs, as their audience is more engaged than that of million-follower bloggers, and advertising prices won’t deplete your annual marketing budget.

Offline Advertising

Don’t forget traditional advertising methods. Outdoor advertising in strategic locations, like near airports, train stations, marriage registries, and restaurants, is particularly effective. Aim to be the first option people think of when they need to organize a wedding, when relatives visit, or when they simply want a change of scenery.

The most modern outdoor advertising method involves multimedia projections on buildings. They allow for any advertising idea to be tested daily. An investment in videomapping pays off faster than endless banner printing and disputes with printing companies.
Projection decoration of the hotel facade

Reviews and Ratings

An essential component of reputation is reviews and ratings on popular booking platforms. Always monitor new reviews, address objections, and offer dissatisfied clients bonuses. Utilize crowd marketing—brand mentions in comments on thematic forums, review sites, and recommendation services. Remember, one negative comment can negate a hundred positive ones.

Encourage guest feedback by minimizing the effort required; leaving a review should be easy and quick. For example, use convenient QR codes in key areas. If you’re using projection technologies, creatively integrate QR codes into the design, accompanied by engaging animations or even a whole quest. Guests should want to share their experiences about you. To achieve this, you need to evoke emotions.

Not sure how? Through UGC (User Generated Content)! We recently wrote an article about what it is and how to use it for business promotion. Give it a read; it's sure to be useful!

Maps and Information Accuracy

Ensure your hotel’s information is always up-to-date on major search engines and maps. Geoservices often offer paid advertising options, like enhanced listing placements, which increase your visibility. Tourist Platforms and Hotel Catalogs Another significant area is aggregators. Before booking, most people consult these websites for information, reviews, and prices. The only downside to being listed is the system’s commission.

Listing in Guides and Directories

Yes, this works too. Negotiate with print guides and digital publications to be featured in the list of the best in your city. The results won't disappoint!
Room booking through aggregators and services

PR Events

Organizing PR events and sponsoring activities relevant to your target audience will increase brand recognition and strengthen your brand. Business forums, conferences, exhibitions—ideal collaborations for both parties.


Keyword selection, SEO content optimization, and website technical optimization are crucial. It's essential to ensure presence in local search engine results. High search rankings significantly increase the chances of acquiring a client.

Email Marketing

One of the most effective direct communication methods with potential and current guests. Sending information about unique offers, events, and news helps maintain interest in your establishment and stimulate repeat visits.
We are ready to help with the visual design of your hotel, guesthouse, hostel, or setting up projection advertising
Hotels today compete not only with local rivals but also with global chains and alternative lodging options like Airbnb. In this context, advertising is a key success factor. Spare no resources for promotion. Remember, the most expensive thing in a hotel is an empty bed.

At POGUMAX, we're always ready to assist in creating visual designs for your hotel, inn, hostel, or setting up projection advertising. Want to experience the power of a technological approach to marketing? Leave your contact details, and we'll help you save time and money in attracting guests!
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