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Videomapping Captivates All Ages - POGUMAX Designer at Kindergarten

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January 11th, 2024
Educators from Kindergarten 262 reached out to POGUMAX to provide their young learners with new opportunities for education, development, and entertainment. Our team assisted in implementing a unique project to create a virtual environment for children in the sensory room.
Advantages of Virtual Environment in Childcare Facilities
Through wall projections, children dive into an enthralling virtual space with hundreds of animations on various themes, creating a full immersion effect. Forests, nature, space; the program offers over 1000 animations, including wide-format ones, to enhance the immersion experience.
Immersive projection mapping at Kindergarten
Technical Implementation
A set of 4 projectors, each suited for walls up to 5 meters, was installed to create the virtual environment. Educators can use this space for conducting educational sessions, events, celebrations, and birthdays.
Interactive Learning
POGUMAX technologies allow educators to use additional visualization tools in the educational process, boosting children's motivation and interest. Teachers can reinforce learning materials, conduct thematic sessions, and even showcase cartoons created by the children themselves.

Speech therapists and parents highly praised the new virtual concept. The 'live' walls draw the attention of children and parents alike, sparking positive emotions and a keen interest in learning.
Such unique equipment expands the possibilities for educators. We reinforce learning materials, lexical themes, literacy, and can watch cartoons made by the children! When colleagues or parents see a room with such functionality - it always triggers a wave of emotions!
POGUMAX Designer offers a variety of educational programs for children, including interactive floors, walls, and educational games.
We are ready to implement projects of any complexity, including customized equipment calculations and video content development.

We support our clients every step of the way, from selecting the right package to training and installation. Our sets include everything: computers, projectors, cabling, and the POGUMAX Designer software.

The project at Kindergarten 262 demonstrates how modern technologies can transform the educational process, making it more interactive and engaging for children.

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