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From a public library to the epicenter of modern learning with POGUMAX.

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February 22nd, 2024
What is a modern library and what makes it special?
In the digital age, staying in place requires sprinting at an unprecedented pace. Today, we reveal the extent of progress in the literary sphere, why libraries should contemplate transitioning to a new operational model, and how videomapping can metamorphose a conventional book repository into an ultra-modern cultural and educational hub!

Progress never stands still. Technologies reshape the world. If you still envision a library as rows of books with hushed students and a "quiet, please" sign, this article is tailor-made for you!

What defines the new-age library?

Modern library spaces are the hottest trend of 2024. No longer are they cumbersome literary archives; they have evolved into multifunctional cultural centers where one can gain fresh knowledge, attend intriguing events, work, utilize educational resources, and simply have a great time.

The key feature of these new libraries is their tech-savvy nature. Automation of internal processes and interactions with readers, access to books in digital formats, interactive multimedia equipment, cinemas, lecture halls, coworking spaces – all these elements make modern libraries highly popular among the public and event organizers.

Innovative learning

Learning with cutting-edge technologies is not only more engaging but also effective. Visualizations, interactive maps, and virtual tours make explaining complex concepts easy and vivid. Admit it, studying astronomy with a starry sky projected on the ceiling sounds much more enticing than memorizing a black-and-white textbook.

Entertainment potential

Contemporary libraries attract youth and families with children not only through traditional books but also with innovative educational programs. These include educational quests, quizzes, interactive tables and floors, where children explore the world through play. Such activities make learning enjoyable and stimulate a curiosity for new knowledge.

Cultural events

A tech-savvy library can become the focal point of the community, organizing exhibitions, lectures by renowned personalities, film screenings, and masterclasses. Technical infrastructure, projection equipment, and sound systems enable hosting events of national significance. This captivates not only book enthusiasts but also anyone passionate about culture and art.


One of the major advantages is the accessibility of education for all segments of the population. This is especially crucial in regions with limited educational resources. Modern libraries can play a crucial enlightening role, including for children with disabilities. Knowledge is no longer a privilege but a natural right for everyone!
Accessible knowledge in interactive libraries for all population groups.

Advantages of tech-savvy libraries

Now that we've covered the benefits for the populace, what does the institution itself gain from this new operational model?

Increased footfall

Attracting visitors is achieved through integrating technological and creative spaces. Diverse resources and events on a wide range of topics guarantee interest from a broad audience. More visitors → enhanced reputation and status of the library!

Diversification of funding sources

A influential cultural center receives entirely different funding from the government and commercial organizations. Where there is public interest, there are sponsor investments.

Contribution to culture

With the help of projection and multimedia equipment, the library transforms into a powerful platform for hosting exhibitions and interactive installations. Artists and other creatives can showcase their work in a new format. Not every museum can boast such capabilities, but you can!

Assistance in event organization

Library staff, educators, and invited experts can utilize new resources for easy and rapid lesson preparation, and organizing events will no longer require additional investments. Simply select a thematic projection design in the program, and decorations for any celebration are ready!
What is the model standard of activity for public libraries?

How can a library evolve into a contemporary cultural hub?

As we've touched upon, technology is the name of the game. First and foremost, a library should be equipped with cutting-edge gear and strive for continual enhancement of its services and offerings.

TVs and Multimedia Gear

Fitting the library with state-of-the-art multimedia equipment opens up possibilities for crafting interactive spaces for themed events, lectures, webinars, and educational content viewing. Whether it's documentaries or kids creating their own cartoons during sessions, everything pops on a top-notch screen.

AR/VR Tech

Virtual excursions, educational programs harnessing VR technology, digital spaces for exploration, creativity, or just good old-fashioned play become tangible with the latest equipment. AR glasses, especially, are all the rage with the little ones. You've never seen this much buzz around a library innovation!

Interactive equipment

Touch screens, interactive walls, boards, and floors crank up children's engagement in the learning process. Lessons with such gear show kids that learning can be captivating and instill the desire to absorb and apply new things from a tender age without the fear of making mistakes. Plus, they foster imagination, fine motor skills, coordination, and memory, while allowing them to tackle mental, speech, and motor developmental challenges.

Projection Equipment

Projection technology is a versatile investment. With stellar projectors, you can orchestrate interactive exhibitions, video-art installations, or just give any space a makeover for your specific purposes. Projections can seamlessly integrate into the educational process, immersing learners fully and serving as an excellent tool for educators.

If you're not up for sifting through a myriad of suppliers in search of diverse equipment for a revamp – we've got you covered. We'll cherry-pick and deliver everything you need in one comprehensive set.
Projection equipment for the new modern libraries.
We snagged the POGUMAX 'Maximal' set with 2 projectors, and I can confidently say it was a smart move! The program's extensive animation library for various themes ensures there's a projection for every event. The program is user-friendly for daycare, library, and school staff – training is available on the POGUMAX developer's website.
Helen K. Head of the Department of Automation and Computer Technologies of the Library
At our events, we have the opportunity to set the right atmosphere with visual support – the extensive library of program animations for various themes comes in handy: New Year, space, nature, etc. Many employees from other libraries always notice our projection room and express keen interest in implementing the program at their place.
Peter Z. Head of the Central Children's Library
With us, your library will morph into an innovative educational hotspot, a magnet for visitors of all ages, and a subject for media buzz!

Investing in technology isn't just a facelift for your space; it's a stake in the future of our children.

Take a leap into the future with POGUMAX today!
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