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What is UGC, and How to Get People Talking About Your Brand

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March 5th, 2024
User-Generated Content - materials created by users about the company. Such content inspires more trust than direct company information.

What is UGC?

UGC, or User-Generated Content, refers to any form of content related to your product or company that's created not by you, but by your customers. This includes reviews, photos, videos, and social media posts. User-generated, authentic recommendations traditionally inspire more trust than direct product placements.

For many niches and industries, this is the most effective way to shape an image and attract new customers. UGC recommendations help overcome purchasing doubts by offering peer-to-peer credibility, replacing friends' advice and endless online comparisons.

The experience of your customers speaks volumes and sells on your behalf.
UGC interacts much better with your brand, speaks for it, and sells for you than you do yourself.

Types of UGC Content

The most common format, found on websites, social media, thematic forums, and dedicated review sites. Statistics show that 70% of consumers trust consumer recommendations more than advertising content.

Unboxings and Feedback

Various unboxings and feedback on product usage, often containing comparisons with alternatives and personal usage experiences, help consumers make informed choices.


Yes, the reactions under a company's social media posts or reviews on marketplace listings count. They can express various viewpoints and serve as an engagement indicator.


Foster increased activity and brand recognition, often used in Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Product-Inclusive Content

Photos, videos, and illustrations created with or inspired by the product visibly demonstrate its functionality and enhance trust.
How product unboxing and feedback increase online sales?

Informative Content

Articles, infographics, video tutorials, and podcasts offering valuable information or solutions to common problems. They don't sell directly but provide free value to the audience, an investment in building loyalty.

Challenges and Flash Mobs

Content within mass actions with clear rules, aiming to go viral and engage as many users as possible.
Useful content is an investment in building loyalty.

How-To Guides

Instructions, tips, and life hacks for effective product use, improving the user experience.

Fanbase Content

Everything from narrative-driven success stories to community memes, it helps build a community around the brand and strengthen its image.
Product usage guides greatly enhance the user experience, forming a new level of loyalty to the brand.

The Benefits of User-Generated Content

The lines between UGC and commerce are increasingly blurring. Brands are leveraging the advantages of user-generated content for their own interests.

Boosting Trust and Loyalty

Reviews and recommendations serve as social proof, enhancing trust and convincing new customers to make a purchase. Effective at any stage of the sales funnel.

Overcoming Pre-Purchase Doubts

UGC allows consumers to see how a product works in real life accelerating the decision-making process.

Additional Content Without Investment

Companies gain access to a vast amount of content without investing in its creation. This helps fill social media, websites, and other marketing channels.

Positive Impact on SEO

User-generated content can improve website rankings in search engines through content updates and an increase in keywords. Higher traffic means better online visibility. Original content helps overcome "banner blindness" and increases average time spent on the site, which also positively affects ranking.
User-generated content improves website positions in search engines

How to Inspire Customers to Generate Content for You

A common practice is to offer various incentives for leaving feedback. Ask directly, offer discounts, collaborate with bloggers, and run contests. The key is to create conditions that make people want to share about you on their own.

Emotional Connection

Offer a unique experience with your product or service that people want to share. If the use evokes an emotion, the customer will want to share that feeling with friends and followers.

Social media platforms are the main arena for sharing UGC. For physical products, you could design something that people will want to photograph and post; for venues, implement original interior designs; and for events, include visual effects that no Instagram enthusiast could resist.
To have your product shared more often on social networks, develop designs, implement original interior solutions in establishments, accompany events with visual effects.

Loyalty Programs

Develop a rewards system for creating user-generated content, such as loyalty points that can be exchanged for discounts or gifts.

  • Add a "Share on Social Media" button on the order confirmation page or after engaging with interesting blog content.
  • Send out emails asking customers to share their experiences in exchange for a bonus.
  • Send feedback forms after an event.
Actively engage with UGC content. Highlight the best examples on your accounts, giving authors additional attention from the community.
Developing unique visual 'features' for brands is our specialization.

How POGUMAX Products Enhance User-Generated Content

We develop unique visual "hooks" for brands, boosting social media reach. From creative venue decorations to event and campaign designs, we create share-worthy stories around your product.

Projection design is just starting to gain popularity in Russia, and its use guarantees audience and media attention.
Take, for example, the creative solution we devised for one of our clients to make their café stand out among competitors.
Projection show for your table: an entertaining experience, not just lunch or dinner
We designed an animated projection show on table where a three-dimensional chef diligently prepares a dish, encountering various amusing challenges and entertaining guests waiting for their order.

Now, every visit to this establishment is an entertaining experience, not just a meal. As a result, in addition to increased social media reach, there's been a rise in average bill size and overall customer flow!
Such creative solutions engage your customers in content creation, building a deeper emotional connection and forming a base of brand advocates.

If you also want to become a company people talk about, leave a request, and we'll create a unique project tailored to your needs!
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