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The Magic of Panoramic Projections at the "" Restaurant

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March 22th, 2024
Seven.Zero.Zero restaurant: projection design
"" is a premium segment restaurant. The owner approached us with a request to develop a unique projection design for his venue, aiming to enhance the interior and create a magical atmosphere for visitors.

We installed 3 ultra-short-throw projectors, each boasting a brightness of 5,000 lumens to turn the bare walls into portals to other universes. This setup enabled us to achieve vivid and rich images 12 by 3.5 meters.

The system is powered by Pogumax Designer software, with additional software for blending the projectors' outputs. Special attention was paid to darkening the projection area to strengthen the visual effects.
Through projection design, visitors of Seven.Zero.Zero can see other worlds and travel without leaving their table
The result? Fifty grand panoramic projections, specially designed for cafes and restaurants, that transport guests to magical worlds of underwater depths, wild jungles, or distant galaxies.
Pogumax Designer creates unique panoramic projections for cafes and restaurants, transporting guests to the ocean floor, the heart of wild jungles, or the vastness of space.
The main judges — the restaurant guests. We spoke with several visitors to gather their opinions:
"Thank you, everything was fantastic. The projections were especially memorable. The last time I saw something similar was at a contemporary art festival. It turned out beautifully, unusual, and modern."
Example of seamless projection design
"We came here to celebrate a birthday. The interior amazed us with its unusual interactive wall. Everything looks very beautiful, and we are happy with our visit."
Restaurant design to enhance business online visibility
This unique interior solution not only creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, astonishing both children and adults, but it also helps increase the business's online visibility. Photos of amazed visitors on social media act as free (UGC) advertising for the brand!
"The interior is stunning, featuring an unusual wall that makes for excellent photos!"
Thanks to collaboration with POGUMAX, the "" restaurant has transformed from a regular dining spot into a magnet for those seeking new experiences.

This case demonstrates how modern technology can upgrade traditional spaces, enriching guest impressions and increasing visitor traffic.

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