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Coronavirus restrictions are far behind, but not everyone realises it is almost over.

Entrepreneurs across the country are unable to return to their previous sales volumes blaming it on the complications of the post-COVID period and looking forward to their end.

But while some are waiting, others are doing it! One can see with the naked eye that some establishments, having survived the quarantine, have shot up and reached a whole new level, and are now backed by the new customer flow generating real profits.

The balance of power in the market has shifted and now things are not so smooth. But as long as the situation remains mobile, everyone can not only regain their former position but even level up!

Our Team has analysed the actions of the most successful (to date) entrepreneurs of the catering industry and based on this, we will give you 6 steps that will help Your business to reach the new level of profitability.

Here we go!

6 proven ways to bring customers back to the restaurant after COVID-19


Bet on SMM

Times of self-isolation have resulted in people getting used to food delivery. This service has spread very quickly across the country. And today few people are willing to trade the comforts of home for a trip to a noisy public place.

But this fact can play into the hands of many entrepreneurs!
The flow of customers is now ruled by those who can competently present the information!
Statistics have shown that those establishments that work competently and actively with social media are now enjoying great success. The most effective tool has become Instagram. It is with its help that you can attract many potential customers. Show people the beauty of your food and the exclusivity of your interior! Hire a good SMM specialist in order to present information correctly, organise a stable content plan and establish communication with customers online. At a relatively low cost such an employee can be of great benefit to you.

If you have an SMM specialist on staff, but things are still not going well, you should definitely reconsider your choice. After all, the flow of customers is now ruled by those who can competently present the information!

Want to know how to shackle the lenses of all visitors to your establishment?
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Customer and staff safety

Studies have shown that a significant proportion of customers have been "left sitting at home". The coronavirus has made a big difference and some are still afraid to make contact. Sometimes guests wearing masks and gloves bring a smile and a slight chuckle, but this attitude is not at all fruitful.
In order to attract this customer layer it is important to rethink the importance of personal protective equipment. Most establishments treat them as an unpleasant necessity and thus miss out on a good chance!

You can make it your own style! Take masks, gloves, social distance and sanitisers not as a constraint but as an extension of your concept! There are thousands of solutions that can be 'creative' which is why we recommend that you work on it.

As a result, safety-conscious customers will see that you care, and will stop fearing to visit your establishment.

New design trends

In the new reality customers are tired of familiar places and establishments.

Chances are you've been thinking for a while now that you would like to redesign your restaurant / cafe / coffee shop / etc., but so far you've been held back by well-known circumstances.

Experienced restaurateurs know that renovations are expensive, but the most ingratiating have embraced technology. What's this all about?
The use of projection design has been gaining unprecedented momentum lately!

The world of projection design has expanded considerably in recent years. It is difficult to imagine the variety of applications of this technology. Projection design can make any space unique and take it to a new level (watch the video).

When leaving home a person chooses the place where he / she would spend time in a pleasant environment. A person judges a place by the product and the surrounding atmosphere.

Every day it becomes more and more difficult to surprise the modern consumer with interior design, but for such a situation the Pogumax Team has a great number of solutions.

The advantages of using interior projection are:

  • Versatility
    Changing an interior is time-consuming. But using projection design you can change a space beyond recognition in a few minutes simply by changing the shape, direction, and animation of the projection. Just imagine that all you need is a few touches for a big change. Fantastic, isn't it!
  • Simplicity
    Many people think that in order to implement projection design into your life you need to have professional skills and understand the technology.

    The product of the guys from Pogumax leaves this situation in the past. With Pogumax software you will be able to set up a projection of any shape by yourself in a matter of minutes. The introduction of projection in the interior is a bold solution that can surprise people.
  • Originality
    In such a diverse world, it is difficult enough to make a visitor memorable. Following trends, more and more places are becoming similar to one another. The customer gets bored and loses interest.

    Projection design technology makes it possible for a space to be unique, unlike any other. From now on everything that happens in your interior depends on your wish and creativity. With projection technologies you can bring a space to life, and it will all work only for only you!
Sounds amazing, but are you struggling to imagine what it looks like in real life?
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Organise your porch

Although this idea seems less relevant with the upcoming cold weather, it's worth thinking about early. In the new reality, people are demanding more outdoor space and no room can compete with the outdoors. During the summer season, you could see several restaurants and cafés literally fighting for 'a spot in the sun' by creating more and more interesting outdoor spaces.
In fact, verandas can be set up anywhere regardless of size. You can put visitors in a single area as well as on the window sill of a panoramic window. The main thing is comfort!

In the coming winter season, our editorial team advises you to think about the organisation of your veranda in time for the summer. Be quicker and more thoughtful than your competitors! It is obvious that this trend will stay with us for a long time, at least simply because it is beautiful, cosy and photogenic!

Go green!

Everyone knows the saying that "there is nothing new under the sun" and nowadays the crazy trend of greening your space is back. In anticipation of the impending cold weather, you can entice visitors with "green" coziness. Although many have started using this tool, it's definitely not going to run out of steam in the next few years. Nature always attracts people!

Besides, the abundance of plants gives the establishment a photogenic look. Customers will come to you after seeing cute and cozy green instagram photos!
Landscaping is a very affordable and effective way to attract guests, but it's difficult to make this element the focal point of your establishment.

Often landscaping is used as an addition to the interior. Imagine how striking it can be when used in conjunction with a projection design. The contrast of nature and technology will make your restaurant (café or coffee shop) a real point of attraction for customers! Hurry up to use this technology in your establishment before it becomes commonplace. If you are interested, our editorial team advises the team from Pogumax. They have extensive experience working all over the world! They are ready to implement a project of any complexity and their finished work is impressive!

Work on your presentation

Obviously, the main medium today is Instagram. Having been impressed by an institution, a person tries to take a picture or a video as soon as possible, to remember the moment and to show everyone what is happening to them right now.

Thus you have the task: to impress the customer!

In such a system, the first impression is the most important one. You have to surprise them.

Everyone will give you this obvious advice, but we will tell you what you can do to surprise people today.
People used to admire the food served, but these days everyone is just used to it. You have to go further than that! You have to create a unique atmosphere to enhance the dining experience. It's a challenge that can be tackled in a simple way, and one that's catching on in popularity these days. Technology will come to your rescue! Have you ever heard of tabletop projection?

This affordable and effective tool makes an unforgettable impression on your guests, because such an ordinary item as a table suddenly becomes a real attraction. Thanks to projection, you will never have to wait for your meal and you will remember the dining experience for a long time.

Want to see what it looks like in action? Check out this 3-minute video from the Pogumax team. This time you can see the entire process of creating the projection on the table.
Projection show on the table at the restaurant
Our team can design, supply projection equipment, create content and run the show right on your table. Create an additional point of attraction for your visitors
Just imagine how unique a product you can create.

It is up to you to make something so beautiful and original that the customer simply won't stand a chance of not being impressed with your establishment! Using this technology, your establishment will reach a whole new level. Therefore, you will be able to count on an increase in the average check, because from now on your establishment will be something more than just a cafe (restaurant or coffee shop). You'll be able to offer the customer an impact on all human receptors. Hurry up and take advantage of it before it becomes ubiquitous!
This article is based on in-depth research into the experience of the most successful establishments in Russia. Each of the suggested tools is available to almost every establishment. We urge you to pay attention to each of these points, you should not bet on just one!

We hope that this text has been truly useful to you!

Remember that one of the main things in life is creativity, and everything is in your hands!

Any questions?

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