POGUMAX Designer – Demo version

OS Windows (PC)
Demo Pogumax Designer
To download the demo, fill out the form. The download will start automatically after you successfully fill out the form.
Until the purchase and activation of the license, the program runs for an unlimited time in demo version.

The library of animations contains a basic package – one example in each category.

After purchasing a license, you will have access to a complete library of animations –up to 1200 pieces.

What's new in Pogumax Designer?

Version Pogumax Designer 3.2.9
📌 added vertex for rotation in the area editor
📌 added ability to flip horizontally in delegates: animation, video, giphy, movie, image
Version Pogumax Designer 3.2.3
📌 fixed problem: changing the background color and gradient did not work
📌 fixed an issue: in the gradient you could see light bars on the borders
Version Pogumax Designer 3.2.0
Integration with the world's largest gifoks and stickers service https://giphy.com/*

*This feature will allow you to create your own content for any holidays, events, etc. in an unlimited amount!
Version Pogumax Designer 3.1.0
Video tutorial of Pogumax Designer 3.1.0 is available here.

📌 A constructor for installations from .gif files and a new scene editor are now available in Pogumax Designer

📌 Creation of a random area by points
  • you can create areas using a large number of peaks
  • you can easily curl the ribs of the areas

📌 Workspace management
  • you can select points of the area by clicking on them, to select all points - click on the area
  • we've added the ability to control via hotkeys
  • you can manage objects within the area and groups of objects in a flexible manner, "snapping" points and objects
  • perfectly precise movement of points using keyboard arrows

📌 Ability to create areas with text
  • you can enter text directly on the screen
  • you can choose: font, size, bold, italic, underline, color
  • the text can be moved to any part of the screen by a point
    Video lesson
    Basics of POGUMAX Designer