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17 Restaurant or Cafe Marketing Ideas (How to Market a Restaurant?)

How can you increase the profits in your café, improve its footfall, and what measures should you undertake to successfully promote restaurants and banquet halls?

Let's dive in!

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1. Create a Freelancer-friendly Environment

With each passing year, more and more people are opting for remote work or freelancing. They are on the lookout for places where they can work comfortably outside of the office. Providing such a space in your cafe or restaurant can attract a new audience and increase foot traffic during working hours.

Set up a few corners or zones with comfortable tables, high-speed internet, and power outlets next to every seating spot. You could offer special packages or discounts for freelancers on coffee and light snacks, enabling them to spend time at your place while working on their projects. This will not only help boost sales throughout the day but also fosters a socializing atmosphere, turning your venue into a cozy place for idea exchange and networking. Moreover, freelancers often share their work spots on social media, serving as additional advertising for your establishment.

2. Takeaway Food

In today's fast-paced world, where everyone values their time and many are always on the go, the 'takeaway food' service has become not just a trend, but a necessity for many establishments. Think about the number of people who are always in a hurry but still want quality and tasty food. It is precisely for them that you provide the opportunity to quickly order their favorite dish and take it with them.

By offering discounts on takeaway food, you encourage people to try your menu and, possibly, keep coming back again and again. Today, they might quickly pick up an order, and tomorrow, impressed with the quality and taste, decide to spend an evening at your establishment with friends or family.

Selling takeaway food not only increases sales but also expands your audience, attracting those who might have previously bypassed your cafe due to a lack of time for a full visit. Investing in this segment will bring you a new wave of loyal customers and enhance your establishment's reputation.

3. Projection Design

Stay updated with trends in your industry, attend horeca exhibitions, restaurant business shows, and implement new technologies in your establishment. One such innovation is projection design, a full-fledged tool for PR of restaurants and cafes.

What is projection design? In a moment, with the help of video projection, the wall of a cafe or restaurant turns into a large aquarium, and in 5 minutes, your amazed customers see a green meadow unfolding in front of them, where flowers bloom and butterflies fly; after a while, your visitors find themselves in space among millions of stars.

If you install video mapping equipment, you will undoubtedly stand out in the restaurant market. Customers will come just to see this marvel, which will certainly increase foot traffic and restaurant profits. Using this unique technology will elevate your professionalism in the eyes of customers and underscore your innovative approach.

Our company is the developer of this technology. We sell our POGUMAX Designer software worldwide, select the right equipment for customers, and assist with installation.

Projection design excellently addresses the question, 'How to increase profits in a cafe or restaurant?'.

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POGUMAX Designer

Software for creating projections
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On-demand online consultation
1 year
Animation resolution
Number of animations
Software updates
On-demand online consultation
Prices are for licenses when used with one projector (usually for projection widths of 4-5 meters in a darkened room)
Everything you need to create projections in one set.
Ready-made projection kits

4. Upselling

Upselling is not just a strategy to increase profits, but also an opportunity to offer the customer a comprehensive experience and meet their needs. When a guest orders a specific dish, why not suggest a perfectly complementing wine or dessert? If a visitor chooses coffee, perhaps they would enjoy a freshly baked croissant or pastry with their beverage?

By implementing a cross-sales strategy, you not only increase the average check but also make the service more attentive and meticulous about details. This allows guests to feel that you are genuinely interested in offering them something special and creating the best experience

To successfully implement this strategy, it's crucial to train your staff: waiters should know the menu by heart and be able to provide recommendations based on a customer's preferences. With the right approach, upselling will not come off as trying to push additional items, but as a sincere desire to make a guest's visit even more enjoyable.

5. Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is a tool that not only encourages repeat visits but also strengthens the relationship between your establishment and its visitors. By offering customers the chance to receive discounts, bonuses, or exclusive deals, you're showing that you value their patronage and aim to reward their loyalty to your brand.

For many people, collecting bonus points becomes a form of a game, and the anticipation of a reward gives them another reason to return. Furthermore, guests often share their achievements in loyalty programs on social media, attracting new customers and spreading the word about your establishment.

Creating an effective loyalty program requires analyzing the preferences of your target audience and careful planning. Options range from simple punch cards offering cumulative discounts to sophisticated mobile apps with personalized offers. The key is for your program to be easy to understand, transparent in terms, and truly valuable to the customer.

6. Hosting Weddings, Anniversaries, and Celebrations

Organizing celebratory events in your establishment can become one of the most profitable aspects of your business. Weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties, birthdays, and many other celebrations require a special touch, high-quality service, and a memorable ambiance. By providing the venue for such events, you're opening your doors to a large number of guests, many of whom might be learning about your place for the first time.

Develop special package offers, including menu, décor, and entertainment. Ensure top-notch service: from quick and attentive service to accommodating all the client's wishes. Don't forget about the marketing side: actively promote the possibility of hosting celebrations at your place, create photo and video reports of past events, and gather reviews from satisfied clients.

Organizing large-scale events also serves as an excellent recommendation for your establishment. A single well-organized celebration can attract numerous new customers who have seen how elegantly and professionally you manage events, and decide to choose your restaurant or café for their next significant event.

Don't forget to invest in a projector and projection mapping software so that, for instance, newlyweds can surprise their guests with a 3D projection on the wedding dress or cake.

7. Parents with Children - Your New Clients

Many cafes and restaurants either overlook or completely ignore the category of "parents with children," losing many potential customers in the process.

If you want your establishment to become a favorite spot for parents with children, first and foremost, rid yourself of any stereotype that might suggest this group doesn't have money and hence isn't worth the attention.

Two parents and one child account for at least 2.5 customers, often 2.75, and even a full 3. Just observe what parents order for their children to see this in action. Understand that if parents with a child felt uncomfortable somewhere, it's highly unlikely they'll return, even without their child. In other words, by not creating a welcoming environment for visitors with children in your cafe or restaurant, you're likely removing yourself from the list of potential spots for such clients. This has a profoundly negative impact on the promotion of the restaurant or cafe you own.

We've delved deeper into this unique customer type - parents with children - in a specialized article where we discuss strategies to attract new clients to cafes and restaurants.

8. Offer a Venue for Workshops

Workshops have become an incredibly popular format for learning and entertainment. By offering your space for these classes, you not only boost interest in your establishment but also provide a unique and valuable experience for your clients.

The possibilities are virtually endless: from cooking classes where guests can learn to prepare dishes under the guidance of your head chef, to painting, floral arrangement, or crafting workshops. Such events help attract a new audience and also strengthen relationships with regular customers by offering them a fresh experience.

Beyond the direct income from selling tickets to the workshops, these events can boost food and beverage sales since participants often stay for lunch or dinner afterward. Additionally, it's an excellent marketing opportunity: photos and videos from the workshops can be shared on social media, your website, or in advertising campaigns.

How much would you need to spend on advertising to have 10-20 people walk into your cafe? Thousands of dollars. How much would you spend if you started hosting workshops? 0 dollars and 00 cents.

9. More Music

Music is a powerful tool to set the mood and atmosphere in your establishment. A well-chosen musical background can make the visit to your cafe or restaurant an unforgettable experience for guests. But what if you go further and use music as a key element of your marketing approach?

Consider hosting regular live music performances. It could be a weekly jazz night, performances by local bands, or even mini-festivals in your garden or terrace. Live music attracts a diverse audience and makes the evening special.

In addition to live performances, you can create themed music nights: from classical music to retro disco. Collaborate with local DJs or musicians and give them a platform for experimentation and performance.

Remember to actively promote musical events in your venue. Social media, flyers, posters, and local radio advertising can help attract more visitors.

10. Value Your Customers' Time

In today's fast-paced world, time has become one of the most valuable resources. People are increasingly looking for ways to save their time, and if you incorporate this into your establishment's strategy, you'll be especially appealing to many customers.

First, think of ways to optimize service processes. Electronic table reservations, pre-ordering dishes, or introducing quick lunchtime service for working individuals can become your competitive edge.

Mobile apps or websites with online ordering capabilities, notifications about order readiness, or estimated delivery times can also be a perfect solution for those who value their time. For those coming to your venue, ensure you have an efficient waiting system. This could be a comfortable waiting area, SMS notifications when a table is ready, or even offering a drink while waiting.

Also, remember to constantly get feedback from your customers. Find out which aspects of service they like and what could be improved. Quickly responding to feedback and comments will show that you genuinely care about their comfort and value their time.

By showing respect for your customers' time, you'll not only increase their loyalty but also boost the reputation of your establishment as a place where every customer is valued and respected.

11. Free Wi-Fi

In this age of digital technology, access to the internet has become one of the key factors in choosing a venue. Offering free Wi-Fi not only meets the connectivity needs of guests but also promotes your restaurant or cafe. Customers can share their impressions and photos on social media, recommending your place to friends.

However, don't forget about security: protect your network and update the password periodically. In the end, Wi-Fi will become not just a convenience for customers but also a marketing tool for your business.

12. Special Attention to Restrooms

Modern design, quality consumables, and, importantly, regular cleaning are key factors in creating the right impression. You can also install air fresheners to maintain a pleasant aroma and offer special amenities like hand lotions or even mobile device charging stations.

Additionally, restrooms can be an integral part of the overall design and atmosphere of your establishment. Unique designs, intriguing decorative elements, or motivational quotes on the walls can make a restroom visit an unforgettable experience.

Ultimately, by paying attention to details even in seemingly insignificant places, you show your care for customers and strive for perfect service in everything.

13. Cleanliness

Cleanliness in a restaurant or cafe is an essential component of a successful business.

From clean tables and shiny dishes to impeccable floors and textiles - every detail matters. Visitors notice these nuances and often use them as indicators of service and dish quality.

Maintaining a high level of cleanliness not only creates a pleasant impression but also emphasizes your professionalism and care for customers.

14. Retain Old Customers

Acquiring new customers often requires more effort and investment than retaining existing ones. Old customers are already familiar with your establishment, meaning they'll return if they're satisfied with the service and quality. By strengthening your relationship with them, you not only increase your profits but also have the opportunity to receive feedback to improve your service.

Special offers, discounts for regular customers, exclusive promotions, or even a simple word of thanks are all ways to show your appreciation and care. Remember, it's cheaper to retain a customer than to attract a new one, and investments in retention quickly pay off with repeat visits and recommendations.

15. Charity

Charitable campaigns and events can be a great way to showcase the social responsibility of your restaurant or cafe. It not only helps support those in need but also creates a positive image of the establishment among customers.

You can organize a themed evening where a portion of the proceeds goes to a specific charitable organization or offer a special menu where sales partly go to good causes.

Such initiatives not only strengthen trust and affection from visitors but can also attract new guests who share your desire to do good. Moreover, such events are often covered by the media and bloggers, further promoting your venue.

16. Business Lunch

Lunchtime is not just a break for relaxation, but also an opportunity to exchange news, conduct business talks, or simply snack in a pleasant environment. Offering a special menu in the form of a business lunch is becoming increasingly popular among restaurants and cafes serving a business clientele.

A business lunch typically consists of a set menu of several dishes at an attractive price. It allows customers to eat quickly and deliciously without overpaying for lunch. For the establishment, it's an excellent way to attract new clients, increase visitor traffic on weekdays, and optimize kitchen workload.

The key is a combination of quality, service speed, and affordability. If you can make the business lunch appealing and varied, it can become one of the main competitive advantages of your venue.

17. Table Projections

One of the most unusual and captivating ideas to promote your restaurant or cafe is the use of projection shows directly on the diner's table. Technology based on mapping allows for the creation of unique visual effects, whether transforming the table into an ocean where fish swim or showcasing the history of your establishment.

Such a spectacle not only amazes and delights guests but also provides a great reason for them to share their experience on social media, attracting new customers to you. Furthermore, projection shows can be adapted for different events or seasons, offering guests something new with each visit. It's an investment in modern technology that will undoubtedly pay off with heightened interest in your venue.

Usually, developing custom video content is expensive. HOWEVER, to make our offer more accessible, we have developed our software with a vast array of pre-made animations (over 1200 with the ability to upload your own animations).

With our POGUMAX Designer software, you can organize such shows in your restaurant every evening without any technical preparation, allowing you to independently choose and change design variants
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