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Better Than a Movie Theater - Visual Support for Okko's Corporate Event

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January 25th, 2024
Organizing a corporate event with video mapping
Okko, one of the largest international online cinemas with millions of users nationwide, decided to host a grand event for its employees in celebration of its 11th anniversary. We were responsible for organizing the visual accompaniment!

Our goal was to create a memorable, visually rich show, combining video projections and light effects to wow even the most discerning viewers.
We developed unique video content tailored to the space and theme of the event. Projections from POGUMAX, in Okko's signature style, accompanied the performances of speakers and artists.
Advanced lighting technologies created a dynamic and captivating atmosphere, while interactive solutions kept the guests engaged.
Tools to engage guests at events: technology, entertainment, projections
The Result:
The video projections and light effects were highly praised by both the organizers and the participants. Receiving such acclaim from a company in the movie industry is doubly pleasing.

Even a formal event can be transformed into an unforgettable experience with a creative approach and modern technology. We and the Okko team know this firsthand!

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