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"With you, we've created a miracle!" - Projection Design at the Cultural and Leisure Center

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January 30th, 2024
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We'd like to share with you a successful case study of implementing video projections at a cultural and leisure center.

Seeking to offer unforgettable emotions and transform familiar spaces, the Center's administration partnered with POGUMAX. Together, we developed a bespoke video mapping project for the theater, merging art with advanced technology on a single stage.

Using POGUMAX Designer software, we enriched ballet performances with visual projections on the stage, actors, and set designs, opening new avenues for artists and directors to bring their boldest ideas to life.
Projection Design at the Cultural and Leisure Center
The theater staff highly appreciated the impact of projection decorations on the quality of performances, noting an increased audience interest.
With you, we truly created a miracle. A miraculous show program. Your technology allows people to experience the stage in a completely new way, fully immersing them in a 3D space.
Julia, Chorus Master
Your projections were a complete surprise to us. We had only seen such things on TV, and that too, abroad. You hit the mark perfectly. The process of changing images, overlays, and cutouts of any shape is exactly what we needed. With your software, we can decorate not only the stage and banquet events but, with a large projector, even illuminate our building with extraordinary images!
Helen, Designer
For the first time, we used live decorations on stage. The audience was thrilled, and so were we. Thank you for helping us realize such a grand project!
Mariana, Artistic Director:
We also provided the organizers with a full set of necessary equipment for the project's realization.
As a lighting technician here, I see how videoprojection, with a quality projector, enhances scenic images and creates a unique atmosphere. It not only eases my work but also lends a special, unparalleled charm to the performance.
Igor, Lighting Technician
Throughout the project, we worked closely with the theater team, considering all their wishes to ensure the final result aligned with their artistic vision.
Working with you was very comfortable; you are true professionals. Everything was executed precisely and thoughtfully, as we requested. You were helpful and gave guidance, as we are newcomers to this, and you have the experience and understanding of the process. Thank you so much!
Svetlana, Ballet Master
Collaborating with with such a cultural institution showcased the successful integration of art and high technology. If you're also looking to explore new horizons in organizing cultural events, leave your contact details, and our managers will connect with you shortly to tailor a product specifically for your case!
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