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"Captivating Show in a Tight Timeline" – Opening of the New Hockey Season

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February 1st, 2024
Light show for a hockey match turnkey
We were tasked by the youth hockey team SKA-GUOR Karelia with organizing a videomapping show for the opening of the new hockey season and the match for the Republic of Karelia Cup.

The challenge? We had just one month to execute the project, an extremely short time for a show of this magnitude.
Световое шоу на открытии нового хоккейного сезона Кубка Главы Республики Карелия
The implementation unfolded in several phases.
1. Firstly, we conducted a site survey.

Firstly, we conducted a site survey. The low ceiling and tribunes posed significant challenges for installation and content development. Our solution involved using 15 Epson EB–L1715S laser projectors with short-throw lenses and a WATCHOUT video server system.
Step-by-step guide to implementing video mapping on ice
2. Next step - Script and Graphics Development.

The client requested that the show narrate the team's history, its goals, and achievements, while also highlighting the natural beauty of Karelia. We developed several script options, finalized one, and agreed on references and sketches. Our designers then began creating 3D and 2D graphics, considering the venue's specific features.

3. Installation and Calibration

We deployed 5 WATCHOUT servers, each with 3 video outputs, connected in a local network. We had just one day for installation and another for projector calibration to create a unified image with minimal distortions and edge blending.
The Result
Opening the hockey season
Light show featuring the history of the hockey team
Ideas for hockey projection shows
We successfully realized the project within the tight deadline! The POGUMAX team managed to create an incredible atmosphere for the championship's opening ceremony, leaving the audience in awe! This was the first event of its kind and scale in the region!
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