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"When projection walls appeared here, the establishment undoubtedly gained additional charm" — How Café "Fuji" Transformed with Videomapping

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February 1st, 2024
Transforming a café with video mapping to boost sales
The owner of Café "Fuji" in Kamyshin, Kazakhstan, had long been seeking solutions to make his venue stand out from others.

"Café 'Fuji' has been around for a while and is popular among locals. However, I've always wanted to introduce something new to the familiar interior to captivate people,"
In my search for ideas, I stumbled upon POGUMAX, watched their promotional videos, and contacted their managers; they explained everything clearly. I loved the idea and decided to implement it right away, as no one in our city had done anything like this before. It's a great competitive advantage!
the owner of Café "Fuji"
Solution and Implementation
The easy setup, a wide range of ready-made built-in projections, and the ability to upload custom content — all this allows each owner to create a unique atmosphere that fully matches the style and concept of their establishment.
The managers helped select and set up the equipment; the program is intuitive, easy to understand. Whenever there were any questions, the support team responded very promptly.
the owner of Café
The Result
Several projectors, combined with user-friendly software, achieved an impressive visual result, positively impacting the interior's beauty, the establishment's popularity, and, of course, the profit gained.

The new visual concept was appreciated not just by the owner but also by the regular customers:
We often visit Café 'Fuji' as it's our favorite place in Kamyshin. We frequently come here with friends to enjoy delicious food and have a good time. Now, with the introduction of this unusual projection screen, the café has undoubtedly gained extra charm and a unique touch.
Cafe with projection walls
I would definitely recommend POGUMAX to others, as it's quite unique and creative. I believe it will help promote business. People find it very interesting; they come, enjoy, and take photos against these videos. Absolutely, I would recommend it! The application possibilities are vast.
the owner of Café
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