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A light show for a wedding cake
Recipe for organizers

Wedding cake is not just a dessert, it's a symbol, and taking the cake out is a meaningful ritual
A wedding cake is not just a dessert, it's a symbol, and taking the cake out is a meaningful ritual. It is believed that the more sumptuous the cake and the brighter its presentation, the more prosperity the young will have in family life.

Therefore, over the design of the cake wedding planner should think separately. This case is important and responsible. You could say it's the second most important thing after determining who the toastmaster for the wedding.
There are many options for wedding cake decorations. In this article, we will talk about the light show on the wedding cake. We will tell you what you should pay attention to when organizing the show and what you should take into account to make sure that everything goes smoothly and everyone is happy.

Read more about the software for creating a light show on a cake.
Projection show on the wedding cake, created with the help of "POGUMAX Designer" program
Guests will be sure to share a video of the wedding cake on their pages
They always want something unusual from a wedding ceremony, but surprising the modern audience is not so easy.

The light show on the wedding cake is a performance that will make the wedding original and memorable not only for the newlyweds, but also for all guests without exception.

In addition, it's +100500 to the reputation of the institution and the wedding planner, because the video with the light show on the cake can and should be posted on the website and social networks. These videos arouse interest and go viral. And the guests themselves will certainly share a video with the wedding cake on their pages, providing your institution with additional attention.

So, let's get to the preparation of the light show on the wedding cake.

1. Choosing the weight, filling, and shape of your wedding cake

Determine how many guests there will be and choose the size of the cake. Calculate the number of kilograms based on 150-200 grams per person. For example, for 100 guests you should order a cake of 15 kilograms, and for 20 people 3 kilograms will be enough. If your wedding is small, you will probably stop at 2-3 kilograms. This makes sense, there is no reason to order a mountain of sponge cake, which no one will eat later.

When choosing the filling, remember if any of the guests do not have allergies and if there are any vegans among the guests. Take into account these kinds of restrictions and wishes, so as not to deprive anyone of a festive dessert.

Think about the shape. The shape of the cake will determine how the light projection will fall on it.

And remember, it's better to order the cake at least two weeks before the date of the celebration.

2. Prepare the faux puffs if the cake is small

Absolutely any size cake will do for a light show. If the cake is small and you want it to look imposing, use a false bar. They will serve as a podium for the actual cake.

Order falsework in the same shape as the cake to make the composition look harmonious.

The illustration is a variation of the false fauxhangings that would be perfect for a projection show.
Свадебный торт. Световое шоу. Торт на свадьбу.
Wedding cake falsework to create a light show
In addition, the tiers look good when the projection is superimposed. During the show, you can fill the entire cake at once with projection, or you can superimpose the image layer by layer (as in the pictures below).

3. Planning the design elements on the cake

If strict brevity of the wedding cake is not your option, it does not mean that the light show will not work. Roses and curls on the cake don't interfere with the projection design. It all depends on your idea.

However, not all animations will look good on a sumptuously decorated cake. Take this into account when selecting content for the show.

To make it easier for you to understand how it might look, here's a video of the light show on a two-meter cake with a variety of decorations on the right.
A fantastic light show for a wedding cake, created with the help of POGUMAX Designer

4. Selecting the equipment

To create a projection show on a cake you will need the following equipment:

  • Projector
  • Laptop
  • Light show software "POGUMAX Designer"

If there are no special restrictions on the laptop, the projector needs attention.
Проектор для светового шоу. Подобрать проектор. Выбрать проектор. Выбор проектора.
Projectors to create a light show
When choosing a projector, it is better to consult a specialist.
Choose a projector that works for your ideas.

Short-throw - if you can get it close to the cake, and if you plan to move it around.

Long-focus projector - if it will be far away from the cake. More often these types of projectors are used permanently. If you plan to set aside a specific area in the hall for regular light shows on the cake, this is your option.

When choosing a projector, it is better to consult with a specialist so as not to pay for a machine that will not meet your expectations.

5. Creating a light show project in the "POGUMAX Designer" program

1) Adjust the projector so that it illuminates the entire cake.

2) In the "POGUMAX Designer" program, draw the areas where the projection should fall. As we've already mentioned, you can fill the entire cake with a single projection or direct different images to different tiers. A combination is also possible. This is all adjustable in the program.

3) Choose the animations and images for the light show. Adjust their duration and sequence in the program according to the scenario.

4) Save the finished project.
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6. Preparing content for the show

Make the show individual - let the cake tell a love story
Spectacle - the advantage of the light show on the cake. You can use absolutely any animation in it. Butterflies or bright hearts can flutter across the cake tiers. Selection of content is a matter of taste.

The light show software has the ability to add your own photos and videos. You can make the cake tell a whole love story - from the moment you met to the marriage ceremony.

Photos and videos from the personal archive of the newlyweds will make the projection show unique. The cake can display the names of the bride and groom, the text of greetings from relatives, important dates. And even your logo, if necessary.
7. Checking how the images look on the cake
Be sure to check how the selected frames will look on the cake. Don't be alarmed if the picture is distorted on a convex object. This can be corrected in the light show software.

It's important to remember that a cake show, like any other performance, requires a script. Write it with the shape of the cake and the available content in mind.

If the light show on the cake is not a surprise for the newlyweds, it is better to coordinate the script with them and arrange a trial show.
Световое шоу на свадьбу. Оформление свадебного торта про помощи видеопроекций.
Light show for weddings, using projection on the cake
8. Adding Spectacle
To make the light show on the cake show as spectacular as possible, there are a few tricks:

1) Use animations with rotating elements. They'll give extra volume to the image.

2) Include animations with a rhythmic zoom in and out effect (such as a beating heart).

3) In some scenes, make the animations appear in successive layers. For example, your cake may gradually emerge from the darkness or, conversely, sink into the darkness one tier at a time.

9. Planning the cake delivery

The most exciting moment for a light show organizer is the presentation of the cake.

It is important to consider the following: the cake and the projector must be set up so that the design created in the POGUMAX Designer program is correctly placed on the cake.

To ensure that the technical preparation does not disturb the atmosphere of the party, it is better to schedule it for a moment when all the guests are in another room or outdoors.
Проекционное световое шоу на свадебный торт. Проекция на торт.
Light show for a wedding cake, created with the help of "POGUMAX Designer" program
8(800)500-11-72, +7(929)383-33-73 WhatsApp/Viber
Another option is to prepare a special space for the cake (a separate room or just a separate part of the general hall), where it will stay all evening, and where the guests will be invited before the light show. In this case, there will be no difficulties with the setup - you will prepare everything in advance.
10. Putting out the light
A light show for a cake can be done both indoors and outdoors. The only limitation is the relative darkness. Projector light is like flashlight light, and the darker it is around, the more clearly we can see it. Also, without darkness, there is no magic.

Check beforehand what level of illumination is necessary for your idea. And be sure to ask the restaurant staff to help you and turn off the extra light at the right moment.
11. Turning on the music
Equally important is the music. The show for the cake can be done with romantic music or a melody in the style of the wedding itself. Music will complement the picture, help to create the mood and immerse guests in a special pleasant state of contemplation of a mysterious magical event.
12. We invite artists
The show on the cake can be unique, personal, reflecting the customers' imagination. To complete the picture of the light projection on the cake, you can include dancing or acrobatic performances in the light show.

The performers can be dressed in reflective costumes or in character costumes according to the wedding scenario.
Световое шоу на свадьбу. Подготовка к свадьбе.
Variety your wedding show with dance or acrobatic numbers

13. Planning the cutting of the cake

As spectacular as the light show is, the cake is still made to be solemnly eaten.

The slicing of the cake can be designed as the final part of the show. In that case, it is better to turn on the main lighting, the projection will become less bright but still be a lively decoration.

While slicing the cake, the projection can be directed additionally to the bride's dress. So, for example, rose petals can fall from the cake onto the hem of the dress or butterflies can fly.
Нарезание свадебного торта. Подготовка торта на свадьбу.
Make cutting the cake the final part of the light show on the wedding cake

14. Creating other light shows

A projection show on a cake may not be the only light performance at a wedding.

With the light show software "POGUMAX Designer" you can also easily create:

  • light show on the festive table;
  • light effect-zone;
  • live scenery for a lavstori;
  • projection interior design for weddings.
Wedding light show on dress, cake, walls, created with the help of "POGUMAX Designer" program
15. Summarizing
Get 30,000 rubles more for each banquet by creating light shows
Prepare the light show on the cake carefully, then it will be a spectacular highlight of the entire wedding.
As you can see, there's nothing cosmic about it, you can arrange everything yourself. And most importantly - it requires a minimum of investment, if you already have a projector and the program "POGUMAX Designer".

Make every wedding show unique and get 30 000 p. more for each banquet without overpaying a hired light show organizer.

The taste of even the most amazing cake will only be remembered for a couple of weeks. A light show for a cake will be remembered for a lifetime.

Give people an unforgettable experience!
Advantages of the program "POGUMAX Designer":

1) At the moment this is the only Russian-language program for creating light shows.
2) The program includes up to 1000 ready-made animations. This is a reserve of content for many events in the future.
3) To manage the program does not need an additional person, the entire script of the show is stored as a project in the program and can be played automatically.
4) The program has the ability to configure the auto-start on your computer.
5) The program has a clear interface and a detailed video tutorial. You will understand it very quickly without any help.
6) Free technical support is always available if you need it.
Be better than your competitors now
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