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Video projections with one or more projectors in the room

How to choose the right number of projectors for the room?

How many projectors and for what area will be needed?

The number of projectors depends on the size of the room and the projections you want to get. You can illuminate one wall or several walls, creating an immersive effect. The larger the projection area, the more effective the projection looks.
Most often we recommend using short-throw projectors 3000-3500 lumens, which from a distance of 1.5-2.5 meters create an image with a width of 3 to 5 meters and a height of 2 to 3 meters. Since the projector is relatively close, this minimizes possible shadows. Conventional (non-short-focus) projectors are 4 to 8 meters away to produce the same image.

In the second half of our video presentation we describe the technical conditions for projections, take a look:
POGUMAX presentation: projection design in the interior, video mapping

Examples of using different numbers of projectors in rooms:

One projector
Illuminates one wall or a selected part on it 3 to 5 meters wide. For more brightness and in a room where there are other light sources, a 3000-3500 lumens projector is best used for a width of 3 meters. If the room is dark, a single projector can create a bright image up to 5 meters wide.

Below are video examples of using the projector mobile (moving and pointing at different walls and ceilings) in a sensory room of a kindergarten and a restaurant.
A sensory room in the kindergarten. Projections on the walls and ceiling
Fabulous restaurant decoration. Attracting with a bright design
It is usually much more advantageous to combine 2 or 3 3000 lumens projectors than to buy one 6000 or 9000 lumens projector
Two projectors
They allow you to create a projection on two opposite or adjacent walls (you can combine the projection in the corner of the room) or make a single projection width of 6 to 10 meters.

In the video: Projection design of hearts on the walls in a cafe / restaurant using 2 projectors. An idea for decorating the room on February 14 - Valentine's Day.
Projection decoration of the restaurant with two projectors
You can both duplicate images and project different images
Three projectors
Видеомэппинг в банкетном зале
You can make three identical images if the wall is visually divided into 3 sectors, as well as one single projection 9-15 meters wide.

In the video: New Year's Eve video projections on the walls (video mapping) in a banquet hall, restaurant using 3 projectors.

In small rooms each projector can shine on one wall. And with the help of 4 projectors you can create a 360 video projection.
It is better to use the same models of projectors, especially if the projectors' images are blended into a single projection
Four projectors
Several projectors provide the opportunity to create a panoramic projection and give guests a feeling of total immersion in another reality.

In the video: The karaoke restaurant "Salmon Salmon" equipped with POGUMAX projection walls using 4 projectors. Visitors of the restaurant have an opportunity to have a dinner against the background of the seascape or the endless space.

The complete library of animations in the video mapping software POGUMAX Designer includes 1200 pieces.
Panoramic projection from 4 projectors in the restaurant interior
If you combine several projectors into a single image, it is recommended to use a program to blend the projection without visible boundaries (seams, projection outlines)
For each project, we select the equipment individually. It depends on the room, the desired number of surfaces involved, the distance from the wall to the projection and many other factors.
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