Video content development

We develop video content of any complexity:
2D, 3D, character animation, content for video mapping shows
The content that is projected onto the three-dimensional object can be modified according to the needs of the show. For example, if an ordinary room needs to be transformed into a ballroom, all you have to do is press a button to transform the space.

With the help of technology and visual effects you can make your wildest fantasies come true, the possibilities are almost limitless. You can start small by creating a logo for your company or go further by creating a virtual world for your audience.
Get your message across broad public with video mapping
A powerful combination of visual and audio effects will attract your audience and provide better feedback.

At Pogumax we create audio-visual content that we project onto building facades or any architectural units. Using our technology, you can get your message across to a large audience. Thanks to the special 3D video mapping tools that we use, we can create optical illusions and involve the audience in various shows and animated experiences.

Architectural 3d video mapping

This is a large-scale projection on the facades of buildings, landscapes or even trees.
This technology allows us to create three-dimensional optical illusions, transformations, taking into account geometric, spatial and architectural features of the object, its historical context.

Interior 3d video mapping

Interior video mapping for events, presentations, advertising campaigns and performances.
Thanks to the 3D video mapping technique that we use, we can project your images into the interior. We are experts in creating fantasy shows in enclosed spaces and interiors.
Spatial augmented reality forms a uniquely enhanced perception of objects, using the possibilities of visibility and transformation.
Video mapping, projection show in a banquet hall
Panoramic projection using three short-focus projectors blended into one image

3d video mapping on cars

Effective form of presentation of new car models
Here, the car itself is used as an object of 3D installation. By constructing the surrounding reality, adding dynamics to static elements, volume, space and depth, we create a spectacular and fascinating show.

Content for LED screens

We create content for LED screens of any complexity and configuration. We provide advice on non-standard mounting and content for them.

Video content development of any complexity

2D, 3D, character animation, content for mapping shows
Prices are valid when ordering content from 2 minutes.
Simple effects without 3D graphics

Footage level as in POGUMAX Designer
per minute of timing
Graphics at the level of art paintings animation
per minute of timing
Graphics involving the character
Complex interior or implementation
per minute of timing
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