3D Projection Mapping On The Table

Most of us have seen the viral video "Le Petit Chef" where a little animated chef of the restaurant performs some magic with food right on the plates of the guests.

"Le Petit Chef" is a 3D video mapping show created to entertain guests while they wait for their food. Right before the eyes of the guests, a little chef cooks a tempting dish overcoming various difficulties and having fun.

An individual content like this can be very expensive and takes a lot of time. That is why we have developed our own ready-to-go videos with multiple scenarios that can be applied at almost any restaurant to amuse the visitors.

Prices for the projection shows

Each show is 2 minutes long
1 video show
$ 3 329
2 video shows

$ 5 329
3 video shows

$ 6 529

We will also help with the implementation of the whole show on a turnkey basis

Set with Pogumax software*
starting from
$ 3 516
Set with Pogumax + 1 video show*
starting from
$ 6 156
Set with Pogumax + 2 video shows*
starting from
$ 7 756
Set with Pogumax + 3 video shows*
starting from
$ 8 556
*What's included:

  1. Short throw FullHD projector
  2. Laptop
  3. Pogumax Extended license with 1000 animations
  4. Mount
  5. HDMI cable
  6. Speaker
  7. Video show(s) with the little chef

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