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Projection mapping services & multimedia installations
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Projection Mapping
Powerful POGUMAX 3D mapping software and high-performance projectors

What is projection mapping?

Projection mapping is a form of audiovisual art and involves projected images on physical objects or other parts of the environment. Rather than a simple warped image displayed across the surface, this technology considers geometry. Specialized software and projectors that can stitch together larger images while adjusting for geometry create stunning visual effects. This 3D audiovisual art can accommodate any object, from flat walls to three-dimensional objects.

Mapping Projects by Pogumax

There are a wide range of applications for projection mapping, including:
  • Promotions
  • Concerts
  • Decoration
  • Theater

How does projection mapping work?

Take a look at what Pogumax projection mapping services can do for you!

1) Projection mapping examples in sensory rooms, kindergartens, restaurants, apartments, at events, in theaters, projections on a cake, on a dress, 3D objects
2) What the setup process looks like
3) The features of the software
4) How long it took for our founder's grandmother to create a projection show
5) A description of the projection conditions and projectors
6) Details about our team and products
Pogumax Presentation - Presentation of Pogumax projection design technology. Projection installations

Pricing of the projection mapping software

POGUMAX Designer

Software for creating projections
A handy software for creating:
  • projection shows
  • video mapping
  • projection design
Create video projections in the interior in just 15 minutes. User-friendly, no special technical skills required.
Integration of videos, images, and text
Projection area settings and creating video mapping installations
Access to millions of Giphy animations
And a library of animations on various topics from POGUMAX
Permanent license
Will not stop working over time
Technical support
Animation resolution
Number of animations
Software updates
On-demand online consultation
10 years
Animation resolution
Number of animations
Software updates
On-demand online consultation
Animation resolution
Number of animations
Software updates
On-demand online consultation
1 year
Animation resolution
Number of animations
Software updates
On-demand online consultation
Prices are for licenses when used with one projector (usually for projection widths of 4-5 meters in a darkened room)

Types of projection mapping

Table projection

The table projection is the highlight of every gastronomic event: a projector is installed above the table, which creates custom-fit images that appear on the plates and tablecloths as the individual courses progress.
In spite of the fact that floor projection is still such a modern technique, most guests (and event producers!) have not yet experienced it in person.

Interactive floor

The sensory room is a specially designed area in which a variety of stimuli are combined to assist in the development and engagement of the senses of the individual.

Sensory rooms

Architectural Video Mapping is where projections are placed on buildings, bridges or any other type of structure.
Interior Projection Mapping is the indoor 3D mapping on the walls of the venue. This could be in panoramic form too.



Usage of projection mapping

This type of video mapping is used when the viewers' attention is focused on a small object (the bride's wedding dress or cake).
The projection created with 4 or more video projectors is superimposed on the curved plane of the sphere – on the dome, in other words.

Small objects



Through projection mapping, you can engage and entertain your guests at your event.
The projection of content on three-dimensional objects can be customized to match the backdrop's needs.


Performing live is all about listening to the audience's vibe. You have to live, listen, adjust, and enjoy.

Live Performance

Benefits of projection mapping

3d Images

By projecting 3D images instead of 2D images, creators can enhance surfaces rather than just distort them with projection mapping. Consequently, it creates an immersive environment that is highly imaginative.
It is much easier to use projection rather than physical props and sets, which are difficult to build, transport, assemble, and dismantle, as well as time-consuming to set up and take down.



What our clients tell about us

  • Julia
    coffee shop manager
    In crunch times, almost daily communication was inevitable, due to excellent project management and creative discussions. A crystal clear understanding of roles and responsibilities was evident - often a sticking point when more than one party is involved.
  • Natalie
    We enjoyed working with Pogumax's hardworking and skilled team on our product presentation. Pre-production and post-production communication were excellent.
  • Alex
    event organizer
    Our first virtual event was hosted by Pogumax. The team was a great partner, ensuring that we had no technical issues with our virtual event and ensuring seamless transitions between live streams and pre-recorded content on the actual day of the event

Why choose us?

No Technical Skills Required

Visual elements help foster better engagement, create memorable occasions and get attendees excited about upcoming events. This technology is a great visual tool that not only provides an event with audiovisual artistry but also doesn't require any technical skill. You don't need to be an expert in this technology to create an original and stunning display.

Library of 1200 Animations in the Kit

With specialized software, there isn't only the option of static images but also a whole included library of available animations. These animations cover a variety of subjects such as landscapes, outer space, artistic designs, and even holiday-themed selections. With premade animations, you can add more life to your event and even direct attendees throughout the venue.

Function of Interaction with the Interior

One of the great features of our software is the straightforward adjustment tools that allow you to configure the image. You can resize and manipulate images so that objects not intended to be part of the display, such as a window, won't be included. In addition, the software allows you the opportunity to craft living images with modular projection technology.

Ability to Add Your Own Content

While having several built-in visual tools can be a great way to add to your event, the software also allows for unique content. Add your own creations, such as original images, video mapping, and texts. One of the most popular uses for original content is company branding, logos, and company messaging. With powerful software, you can ensure that the event includes promotional material and incorporate it seamlessly with other visual elements.

Projection Mapping FAQs:
What do you need to know?

  • What is Projection Mapping?
    Using animation, video, and light displays, projection mapping projects visual content onto a three-dimensional surface.
  • What kinds of buildings can you Project onto?
    Any architectural structure can display a projection, although the more complex the structure, the more expensive it will be.
  • Can you project in daylight?
    It's not. At dusk or later is the best time. We use specific screens and installations for daylight installations.
  • Can we see what the projection will look like before installation?
    Yes, of course. Before we set foot on site for installation, we can demo and refine your projection mapping content using our advanced pre-visualisation systems.
  • Can POGUMAX provide the video content for our projection mapping project?
    That's right. Our video content team is in-house, and we work with third-party experts on specific projects when their skillset will contribute to a project's success.

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