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POGUMAX Warning on Licensed Use Restrictions

We do not support the use and sale of alcohol, tobacco, and other intoxicants. Since March 26, 2018, we do not sell our software to establishments whose main source of income is the sale of alcohol and tobacco products. Usually, this includes nightclubs, bars, pubs, hookah bars, and similar establishments. We continue to cooperate with cafes, restaurants, banquet halls, karaoke clubs if they do not specialize in alcohol or other intoxicant products.
These conditions are specified in all of our license agreements therefore, when using our software (purchased after March 26, 2018) in such establishments, the license will be deemed invalid.
Entrepreneurs are responsible for their contributions to society. Their products can be profitable for the company, but harmful for consumers. Despite the fact customers themselves choose their lifestyle, entrepreneurs can affect the people's preferences.

By promoting alcohol and tobacco products, entrepreneurs cause not immediately noticeable, but very significant harm to millions. This is as unethical as stealing or murder, but since this negative effect is delayed, many people think that there is nothing wrong with it. The more entrepreneurs think about business ethics and choose more favorable activities, the healthier and happier the society.
This does not mean that we stop working with restaurant businesses. We will be happy to cooperate with cafes and restaurants where you can spend time with family and friends over a cup of tea or a glass of juice, for example. We will be glad if our projection design will attract new visitors to such places, bringing an element of magic into the establishment's atmosphere!
We support a healthy lifestyle and a healthy society!

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