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All about video mapping

Video mapping (synonyms: 3D-mapping, 3D-mapping and video projection) has literally burst into our everyday life in the last 5 years, despite the fact that it was first demonstrated to the public back in 1969 in the USA by Walt Disney at the opening of a new attraction.

We're sure that you've seen at least one video with video mapping, but most likely, you just did not know that it is exactly that.

So in this article we are going to tell you what video projection is, where you can see and apply it and also answer the question of why in the foreseeable future it will occupy the major part of the advertising market and become an integral part of life of an average citizen of the world. Separately, let's note that we talked about the cost of video mapping in a separate article.

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POGUMAX is in the video mapping business and offers its software POGUMAX Designer to quickly create beautiful projections
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1. What is video mapping
2. Types of video mapping
3. Conclusion

What is video mapping

Videomapping (video, mapping - reflection, projection) is a special trend in modern audiovisual art, which is a 3D projection on a physical object of the environment, taking into account its geometry and location in space.

Absolutely any object - from a car wheel and a wedding cake to the facade of a huge building - can be used as a video display surface. Video mapping can not only use any object as a display surface (for example, simply make a 3D projection on the wall), but also take into account its geometry and location in space (projection is carried out only on the specific object, for example, a frame on the wall, a car wheel, while the surrounding objects remain in their original form, without projection).

In order to demonstrate video mapping, a projector-computer (or laptop) combination is used, with special software loaded on it, such as POGUMAX Designer. The projector can be static (when projecting on a building, wall, etc.), or mobile (when you need projection on objects that periodically move in space according to the script of the event - wedding dress, wedding cake, etc.)

Video mapping often uses multiple projectors to combine or duplicate images on projectors.

Unlike 3D technology used in movies and computer games, video mapping does not require providing the audience with special devices (glasses, helmets, etc.) or installing screens (but please note that we are not talking about those cases where the screen is used as an additional reflective surface, for example in the design of performances in theaters or in concert venues). The only specific condition that exists when viewing video projections is the need to be in a certain point to see the projection in volume.
As for the material that is shown using video mapping, it can be both standard, ie, it can be used in different institutions and activities, on different walls, and unique, specially made for a particular event or object (video with honeymooners, projection from the menu of a particular cafe or restaurant, a video on a particular building facade, an exclusive interactive floor, etc.)

Separately, note that a unique feature of video mapping is the fact that it can be both photographed and filmed. Exactly due to possibility to show all the grandeur of what is going on with usual video camera and share what you see with your friends and unlimited number of people 3D-mapping got such great development in recent years.

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Prices are for licenses when used with one projector (usually for projection widths of 4-5 meters in a darkened room)

Types of video mapping

Architectural video mapping

Architectural video mapping is a 3D projection of a building or other architectural object (projection on the facade, on the wall, etc.)

This type of video mapping is one of the most used because with it you can cover a large audience - up to several tens of thousands of people. Also with the help of architectural 3D-mapping, due to its scale it is possible to bring the audience into a real rapture (few people can remain indifferent when a huge building standing in front of it "crumbles", or "covered with flowers", or "turns into an ocean").

Most likely, it is the video with architectural video mapping you have met on the Internet.
This type of video mapping is often used at large public events - a variety of state and municipal holidays, including City Day.

Also architectural video mapping is actively used by large holdings and corporations in advertising their products in metropolitan areas. Apple, Samsung, BMW, Nokia and other market giants have long been fond of the facades of many famous buildings for projection of their advertising products.

Such advertising is not so much aimed at the inhabitants of a particular city, but at people from other cities from other countries, who will certainly look at the next advertising masterpiece, if it gets the status of a viral video.
SAMSUNG 3D TV Presentation in Amsterdam

Interior video mapping

Interior video mapping is a projection inside a room that allows you to transform the interior and create interesting design solutions.

Unlike architectural 3D-mapping, this type of video mapping is aimed directly at a specific group of people who are currently in the room.

Interior projections have become a favorite way for owners of cafes, restaurants, banquet halls and other public establishments to surprise their visitors and increase their time in the room (and therefore increase their average check).

Since there are no walls and facades of enormous size in this case, the videos that are shown to people are much more modest in scale.

Nevertheless, when you are sitting at the table and the wall nearest to you is literally alive, it turns into a vast space, then it becomes the real ocean with its unusual sea creatures, then it transforms into a green meadow with birds and butterflies, then suddenly it starts "burning" ... it's impossible to remain indifferent!

Interior video mapping perfectly copes with the task of promoting cafes, restaurants, banquet halls, etc., making them a popular place for local residents. People start talking and writing about such a place, thus creating a very good information field, which contributes to an additional influx of visitors and raising the status of the establishment.
In addition, more and more newlyweds want to use video projection at their wedding reception, so cafes and restaurants that have a projector and 3D mapping software at their disposal have a much better chance of getting the right to hold a celebration compared to places where it is not possible to show video projections.

For example, the program for video mapping POGUMAX Designer includes more than 1200 different videos, thanks to which you can show your clients unique projections every day, without repeating yourself.

In this case, this program is easy to learn (training takes about 30 minutes) and manage. It is designed for regular computer users, does not require special knowledge in design and programming.
Projection in the interior of a cafe on Halloween

Projection on small objects

To create a projection on small objects, only elements of a large object are used (for example, the illusion of rotating the wheel of a car that is actually standing still) or small objects (for example, 3D projection on a wedding cake or dress).

This type of video mapping is used when the viewers' attention is focused on a small object (the bride's wedding dress or cake), or it can be focused on an object that begins to behave unusually (a good example, which has already been mentioned, is a spinning wheel of an approaching car).

3D mapping technology allows you to highlight any object in the projection program, outline it and create a projection on it, without affecting the surrounding environment.

It is due to the fact that the video is shown on a particular object, while all the surrounding environment remains static, the projection on small objects has such an indelible effect on the surrounding people.

Of course, this type of projection is a great opportunity to decorate and enliven an object in the environment or at an event.

Video projections on small objects

3d mapping on the cake and wedding dress
Projection on a wedding dress

Interactive video mapping

At the moment, a new trend in 3D mapping is gaining popularity - interactive video mapping, which involves elements of live interaction with the audience.

It looks like an ordinary projection (most often on a wall or facade), but any viewer can become a full participant in it - all you have to do is get in the projection beam and all your actions will be projected onto the wall, facade or floor, making you the protagonist of the event.

Perhaps, along with architectural projection on huge squares, this direction is the most promising in terms of development, as the only one of the four allows a person to directly participate in what is happening. For example, in recent years has begun to appear a lot of interactive floors - in shopping and entertainment centers, stores, etc.

A great example of interactive video mapping is the project made by Nokia Ovi Maps specialists. In their project the projected image repeats the movements of people.

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Projection image that repeats the movements of people


Video mapping is a new dynamically developing trend which will replace the traditional view of advertising and presentation of information, and bring the presentation of information in a video format to a whole new level.

3D mapping can be used by both large companies and even the giants of the industry, as well as ordinary users, which makes it absolutely accessible to all categories of people, which means that very soon, in about 5-10 years, video projections will be in every home.

A very simple solution for creating high-quality video mapping in the interior is the POGUMAX Designer software. It allows you to adjust the projection, taking into account the position of interior items, contains a base of animation, and allows you to insert your own objects: pictures, video and text.
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